Wedding pictures are just too much fun!

I'm seeing wedding photos in small doses. It's sort of like appetizers before a really fine meal – I'm happy, but not quite full. 09kiss

This image was taken on the stairs to the choir loft at the back of our church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, in Sherman, TX. Either Kelli or Brandon from nine photography took it. I'm amazed at the lighting in this photo. This stained glass window faces west and the sun was shining brightly into it. The church itself was not well-lit. The photo is prettier than the scene was in person – and Jeff and Celia were pretty darned great in person.


I love this photo which was taken after the wedding, before the reception. It was just Jeff and Celia and the photographers at a spot that Brandon found earlier in the day. The way they captured the movement of Celia's dress and her lovely shoes below makes this photo come alive. This may be the one that ends up framed, in our hallway.

I wish I had photos like this from my own wedding. I can't go back, but Steve and I may need to manufacture an event at which we can be photographed. In great clothes and pretty shoes! With a party to follow.

You can see more of the wedding photos at nine photography's blog here. You'll see bits and pieces of our house in the backgrounds.

A quilter’s bathroom!

I found this photo on Remodelista. Seriously, is this not a quilter's bathroom!Boundary-bath-3

You can use this bathroom yourself if you stay at the Boundary Hotel in Shoreditch in the East End of
London. It makes me happy just to imagine being there! Look close and you can see where they hid the drain in the floor. Lovely attention to detail.

Displays at Anthropologie…

Celia and I shopped a bit at an Anthropologie somewhere in Baltimore. It was in a mall – I don't know which mall. (I was never clear on where north was, there is no way I could find my way back to this mall.) The displays in the store were lots of fun. This one, made from clothespins, was behind the cash register.



What a simple, yet stunning, display! Simple objects used in a new way.


And then there was this map that had been either torn or burned apart. The pieces were stitched in place with what looked like heavy wool thread or very fine wool yarn.


Both of these displays look like "art" to me. Placed in a gallery, I think people would stop and pay attention to them. In a store, used as a display, how often do you think people think "art" when they look at these two pieces? Context is everything – which is something to keep in mind if you aspire to be an art quilter.

One sewing machine too many…

I have a Babylock/Brother Quilter's Choice Professional that I bought in May of 2003 that needs a new home. I rarely sewed on this machine because I only have room for one machine at a time in my sewing table. I realized too late that I don't like to take the time to switch out machines unless I absolutely have to. I have 3 other machines and have simply run out of room for this one.


This machine goes forward and backward only – no zigzag. It is designed for both free-motion and walking foot quilting. The opening is 8 1/2". It has a knee lift.



Here are the feet I have for it.

I have no idea what this machine might be worth so I'm happy to take offers. I can ship it to you! I'm not sure what shipping will be, but I would guess it would be under $50 – maybe under $30. If you are interested, please leave a comment. If you aren't interested but have an idea of what this machine might be worth, please share that info too. I appreciate any help that you can give!

And here are two more images from the folks at ninephotography from the day of the wedding. The green wool tomato is a pin cushion I made from the big wool beads. These photographers are really imaginative!


My Alzheimer’s Smackdown quilt is done!

It's finished and I think my quilt is a contender to win the 1st ever Alzheimer's Art Quilt Smackdown (are you listening Hollis, Sue, and John!) It is up to all of you to bid the price of my quilt into a first place win. Ami hasn't given us a date yet, but I'll let you know more as I know more. For now, here's a detail shot of my (winning) quilt. The block is 5" x 5", hand appliqued and machine quilted.

PassionFlowerMini-04 copy