Yazz-ify Your Christmas…

This is the Large Mini Organizer (which is “larger” than the other Mini Organizer).

Yazzii bags and pouches are well-made, totally functional, and perfect for everyone! They come in several colors and lots of sizes. Click here to find all of the Yazzii’s that I carry. Many of them include a video to give you a closer look.

This is the Petite Mini Organizer.

Many Yazzii organizers come with small sewn-in zippered pouches. You can leave them attached or, if you are like me, you will use your seam ripper and liberate the pouches from the organizer :-). There’s a video at the bottom of this post that shows you how.

Set of 3 Craft Pouches

You can buy extra pouches in a variety of sizes. I love the pouches because they are so versatile!

The Maxi Yazzii is BIG!

The Maxi Yazzii holds so much—and it comes with a set of extra pouches in addition to the pouch ‘pages’ that are sewn in. The 2 shoulder straps make it easy to take with you and the size is dandy for carrying projects.

Take a minute and think of all the things that can be carried in a Yazzii…

  • Sewing notions and projects, of course
  • Pills and medicines
  • Jewelry
  • Hand tools… think jewelry, wood carving, etc.
  • Do you have a model train enthusiast in your life? I’ll bet they could use a handy way to carry little doodads
  • My grandkids love these for small toys
  • LEGOS!
  • Male or female, young or old… we all can use Yazzii’s 🙂

Click here to find all of the Yazzii’s that I carry. Most of them include a video (like the one below) to give you a closer look.

Removing the sew-in pouches is so easy!

Little Things for a Quilter’s Stocking…

Here are some nifty ideas for your favorite hand sewing enthusiast:

The new Thread Tamers are at the top of my list because they make every thread happy :-). And it only makes sense to make your hands happy too with a LoLo To-Go size body bar. We have several lovely scents, and unscented Plain Jane, to choose from.

The Classic Pencil Set includes a General’s white charcoal pencil, Blackwing firm graphite pencil, and a Two-Step Sharpener—perfect for most marking jobs.

The new Take Along Mini Color Wheel is a perfect gift! It is packed with color info at a very small and handy size.

Sewers use all sorts of things to hold pieces of fabric together. You can’t go wrong with any (or all) of these: Quilter’s Select Glue Pen (don’t forget the refills for added gluing pleasure), Fine Magic Quilting Pins, And Mini Wonder Clips.

The Patchwork Scissor from KAI is an excellent choice for any sewist. It is a serrated, all-purpose scissor with a comfortable grip. Pair it with a super-cute scissor charm for even more good cheer!

And because threading needles can be a chore, the gift of an Easy Needle Threader will be much appreciated :-).

If you have questions about these or any other items on the site, please do email Lorna (lornabethgoldsmith@gmail.com) or Becky (becky.pieceocake@gmail.com). Happy stitching!

What’s in a Stocking?

A stocking full of small, thoughtful gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas morning. I love filling stockings almost as much as I love opening the presents in my own stocking.

Presents overflowing stockings is completely normal 🙂

Here are some ideas to get the shopping juices flowing:

Do you like games? Bananagrams is like Scrabble—but different. The letters come in a small banana-shaped bag. No board, everyone plays on the space in front of them. There are rules, which can be selectively enforced depending on who you are playing with. Shop at Target or Amazon. This and Exploding Kittens are our go-to holiday games and both are great in a stocking.

I for sure recommend an LED Dimmer Light for everyone. This “light switch” comes in handy for all kinds of places—in a dark cabinet, by a bed, or in a closet. They are also really handy during a power outage.

Blackwing Pencils, a Two-Step Sharpener, or a fancy One-Step Sharpener, would be a happy surprise in any stocking. If you’ve got several stockings to fill, one box of pencils could be split.

Who doesn’t love a notebook?! You can combine a pretty set of small notebooks from Danica to go with some pencils!

Zipper Pulls go on little zip bags and pouches you make, but also, just any zipper, on a purse, a backpack, or a Yazzii Bag. I have several sets of zipper pulls, designed by the women from the Ruby Star Society: Kimberly, Melody, Rashida and Sarah.

And funny buttons… every stocking needs funny buttons!

I have a Toys and a Stocking Stuffers page up on the site. Have fun shopping!

Wednesday Giveaway – A Rare Opportunity! Won by Glenna Denman!

The Random Number Generator chose Glenna to receive a hard-copy of My Whimsical Quilt Garden! This book is only available for order as a downloadable file, so that makes this week’s giveaway a rare opportunity, indeed!

For those of you who didn’t win this week, but would still like to have this book in its PDF format, click here to go directly to the ebook onsite.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at pieceocake.com!

Toy Drop!

This Christmas our family is going for quality over quantity. And spending time over spending lots of money. Thoughtfulness. We chose these children’s gifts because they are simple, beautiful, and don’t break the bank.

We’ve waited months for some of these, and with the supply and trucking shortages, it was not a surprise. We kept calm and waited, and now here is a Tour of Toys currently at Piece O’ Cake.

Let’s start with Sew Spectacular – Adorable Animals!

Stitch, embellish, and display 12 adorable paper animals. Everything you need to sew them comes in these kits. It’s a wonderful new take on sewing cards, makes you happy just thinking about it! Perfect for 8y and up.

Magnets are life!

Below are magnet scenes and figures, sort of like paper dolls, but BETTER! Easy to travel with, just tucked into a backpack or purse, to pull out at the right moment. Pirates or Dinosaurs or Eric Carl’s Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Magnetic Puzzles for the win! So smart for in the car, or on the living room floor. Working those fine motor skills, and problem solving. Butterflies & Birds and On The Move, below.

Also for littles, these “spotting” games are fast paced learning fun (and fun for the olders playing with them)! Below on the left, ABC Spot Me Game has 60 icon tiles and 26 abc cards; spot and grab the icon that matches the letter drawn. Simple, right? It’s pretty, sturdy, and easy to cleanup and travel with.

Below on the right, in Spottington by eeBoo take turns flipping over clue cards, and race to find the most the quickest to become the Mayor!

I spy… a pogo spring! a propulsion spiral! a happy coupler! Below, is a puzzle with extra entertainment: Upcycled Robots Puzzle!

Only a few left of Fancy Pachisi and the Solar System Puzzle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour, have fun shopping at Piece O’ Cake!