What we did today on Kauai…

Hunt shopped for, and bought, a ukulele! Truth be told, as I was choosing photos for this post I realized that Hunt was in most of them – so let's see today through Hunt's day!

P1000373 copy

I'm not counting, but this is Hunt's 2nd new uke :-). He is a happy, happy man.

Hunt is also incredibly fond of chickens. Kauai is chicken heaven. We went to Spouting Horn and Hunt became the chicken whisperer…

IMG_1492 copy

There are chicken, and roosters, all over Kauai. Look at the mama chicken below. There are chicks around her…

IMG_1493 copy

I count 5, or 6. They blend in. I asked Steve is this was chick season and we both thought about it. We think it is always chick season. I'm not sure why we aren't stepping on chickens everywhere we go.

IMG_1493 copycopy

Poipu Beach is usually a great place to swim on Kauai. Flossie had an impact today. There was a small area to swim, but we didn't. This was the adjacent beach…

IMG_8989 copy

There was one spot around the bend from Poipu where you can see what sort of waves were out there. Just to the left of this 4 kids were out on boogie boards. Nuts.

P1000379 copy

We shopped and looked at nature today instead of getting into nature. FYI – The Walmart in Lihue has great hawaiian shirts. Made in Hawaii even. I also bought some earrings in Koloa Town that have a good aura. Or something like that. Not being able to see auras (or chakras) myself, I just like the orange color with the little colorful beads above.

Karen took this photo of Hunt early today. We all agreed that he looked the best in all of the pics today. Every one of me was very delete-able. Steve and Karen too. Tomorrow the rest of us are going to have to work harder :-).

IMG_8950 copy

We made it to Kauai!

We woke up to a beautiful rainbow outside of our hotel on Maui this morning. We took lots of photos, but I like this one Karen took the best.

IMG_8899 copy

As we were driving to the airport Hunt noticed how lovely the West Maui Mountains looked. I stopped the car and got out and looked both ways before carefully crossing the highway to get this picture. It was worth it.

P1000333 copy

Tropical storm Flossie caused a lot of flight cancellations, but not ours. In fact, I think that most of the inter-island flights were not as affected as flights to and from the mainland. Our flight was uneventful. Either I worried just enough to stave off disaster, or I worried for no reason at all.

The weather service is predicting a couple of days of (possibly heavy) rain – which has already started. So far it is not constantly raining.

IMG_8916 copy

We are in a condo outside of Lihue, on the 3rd floor. Our view is nice and the condo is spacious, clean, and comfortable.

Hunt found a great place for dinner on Trip AdvisorChicken in a Barrel! It's a BBQ shack by the side of the road in Kapa'a. It was so very, very good!

P1000348 copy

Karen inspired me to find fun settings on my camera… this looks lke the 1950s, don't you think? That's Karen, Hunt, and Steve at the window, ordering.

P1000350 copy

Hunt took this picture of me. It's funny, I think I can see a bit of my sister, Christy, in my face in this photo. I don't usually see that.

P1000355 copy

We can't see the ocean from our condo so after eating, we walked to the nearby shore. The waves were up farther out. Here's Hunt, on the rocks, contemplating taking it in.

P1000370 copy

We're not really sure what we're doing tomorrow. The hikes we had planned are not good on rainy days. We're batting around a variety of ideas and surely by morning, something will rise to the top.


More on Maui…

Tropical storm Flossie is headed our way. I am the designated worrier – no need for all of us to worry. I did my job and worried all day yesterday. This morning is blowy, no rain yet. Lots of warnings. We should fly from Maui to Kaui before the storm gets here. Our flight is still on schedule. But I am scanning the sky – and internet – for any signs if trouble. It may be that we get to the airport and then don't go. If we do go I'll continue to do my job and worry us all the way to Kaui.

IMG_8815 copy

We went back to Kahekili beach to snorkel yesterday. Karen took some underwater photos. That's Steve, or part of him…

IMG_8853 copy

Hunt gave us a scare, but managed to survive…

HuntInShark copy

Karen was very impressed!

P1000304 copy

We have visitied happy hours, every day. Mai Tai's are very nice.

IMG_8870 copy

And we all took pictures, except for Steve. He's mostly enjoying life without feeling the need to do a lot. It's refreshing. He has, however, fed us more than once. What a man!

P1000286 copy

I have to go pack now, for the flight that I hope does take us to Kauai.



Ka’anapali snorkel beach…

We went to a fantastic beach today. Ka'anapali beach park is over by all of the more expensive resorts. No wonder – the beach is amazing. There is one part that is better for snorkeling and that's where we went today. I didn't take many pictures, but a few are really nice.

This one of Karen is fantastic. It makes me wonder why I so seldom strike a pose. I really need to do that!

Karen-Towel copy

We went to the very fine mall next to the beach after lunch. Here's Steve in front of the Louis Vitton window. We're going back for more photos here tomorrow. Doesn't this look minty!

IMG_1469 copy

Karen's camera has a cool feature where you can tell it to see one color and shoot everything else in black and white. Here, she had programed it to see blue…

IMG_8783 copy

And here we are with the same camera setting. Cool, don't you think? We're going to do that more tomorrow too.

IMG_8784 copy

We have one more day on Maui, then it's on to Kauai! 


The road to Hana…

There are bumper stickers and t-shirts that declare "I survived the road to Hana!" We did and we all want the shirts. From Lahaina we estimate that it was about 80 miles to the Maui Stable where Hunt and Karen were supposed to be at 9:45. We left at 7:15 and arrived late, by about an hour. 

What is it about this road? I drove on the way out. It is insanely windy, and narrows to one lane often. The speed limit is 35 tops. The average speed might be 18 miles an hour. Or less. I have driven this with 12 students in a 14 passenger van during a wind storn where trees came down across the road. This was way better but still, it's not a Sunday drive. I have no pictures.

After dropping Hunt and Karen off to ride the horses (we are not horse people) we went to the black sand beach.

P1000228 copy

Then we went to the red sand beach, a place we had never visited. It's small, out of the way, not easy to find, and there were very few people. Luckily we met some folks who were leaving as we got there who point us to to the easy way down. 

P1000234 copy

We sat and admired the veiw. There wasn't a place to really swim but there was a shady place to eat lunch. We enjoyed it. 

At 1:30 we went back to get Hunt and Karen. They had had a great time on the horses. Not being a horse lover all I can do is be happy that they are happy. And I was.

Charles Lindbergh is buried within walking distance of Maui Stables so we visited his grave. Then we went back to the black sand beach at Hana because, really, they needed to go there too. We all got in the water except Karen, who sat with our stuff and emabraced not moving. She was still a bit nauseated by the Hana Highway drive in and was not looking forward to the drive home. This time the Dramamine helped. The next photo was taken on the way out.

P1000266 copy

80 miles. On the mainland, in Texas, that is 1 1/4 hours, tops. Here it can be a whole lot longer. We were gone almost 12 hours exactly. Tomorrow is a relaxing beach day. Perfect.

As I type this, Karen is asleep. Steve is reading. Hunt is playing the ukulele. After I post this, I am showering and going to bed. It sounds really nice, just like a vacation….


We (me, Steve, Karen, and Hunt) woke up before 6:00 this
morning and went out to sit on the sea wall and enjoy the view – with coffee
and cameras. It was wonderful!

P1000122 copy

We left Lahaina at 7:30 to drive to Haiku for our bicycle
trip down Haleakala. We did not do the sunrise tour because 1) we didn’t want
to get up at 2:30 AM and 2) Steve and I have done that before and were not
exactly impressed. Later was better.

 Haleakala is the tall, extinct volcano on Maui. The summit
is 10,023 feet above sea level. Our tour took us to the summit for a walk
around at the summit.

 P1000134 copy

Steve and I have done the 12 mile hike across the crater 4
times. It is an amazing site. Like a brown moonscape. The views of the crater
from the top are very nice. I can tell you that the views from the crater are
better but it is a hard hike to see them. We took lots of pictures…

P1000135 copy

P1000144 copy

We went back down to 6500 feet to get on the bikes. Bike
companies used to put people out at the summit but after 3 people died in 2007,
the national park service put a stop to that. Probably for good reason. It's scary enough from here.

We were decked out in helmets that resembled those worn by the storm troopers in Star Wars. Found out later that the brakes on the bikes are replaced every two weeks. They should be.

P1000162 copy

 It's downhill 98% of the way. Very little pedaling. I kept my eyes on the road and only looked around when we stopped. That's when we took pictures. It was a lovely ride and one that I have no desire to do again.

P1000171 copy

 Hunt and I are the drivers on the rental car. We need two drivers and normally it would be Steve and not mre for one of them. But he is in full vacation mode and I have also driven these roads before (successfully). It's sort of weird because when it is me and Steve in the car, he is the default driver. Not unusual for a married couple. The only down side is that now I am one of the two possible designated drivers – and that's OK. I didn't need more rum drinks this evening anyway :-).

We stopped on the way back to Lahaina at a scenic overlook. Here's the guys, looking manly.

P1000194 copy 

P1000199 copy

And, because my mom is reading the blog to keep up with our

Hi, Mom! We’re all fine. Off on another adventure tomorrow. I'll post more tomorrow if I can. Love you, Becky