Show and tell…

Here is another block from the virtual Bullseye class that I taught for the Golden Triangle Quilters in Beaumont. this is Jean Aguilar’s finished block. It graphic and stunning—well done, Jean!

I don’t know if the braided chicken mat in the background was use for inspiration, but it definitely could have been. They look very nice together on the table :-).

Thank you, Jean, for sharing your block!

Golden Triangle Quilters…

Last week I visited (virtually) the quilt guild in Beaumont, TX. It was so much fun! I taught my Bullseye class on foundation paper piecing all day Friday. Two quilters sent me photos of their finished blocks before Hurricane Laura turned in their direction. They are wonderful! Look at those perfect points and the happy color combinations!

Laura shifted to the east so Beaumont ended up not being in the direct path but Louisiana has been hit hard. I am sure you join me in the sincere hope that those who are/were in harm’s way have made it through the storm. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to be evacuated, to know that your home might be gone when you get back. There are no words.

By Melinda Stanton
By Laurie Hayes

Stay strong, ladies. Be safe.

Show and tell…

Dee Dalton sent me this photo of her quilt from the 2nd edition of our book, the Applique Sampler. I love the pieced border that she added to the quilt… it definitely pulls everything together. Congrats, Dee, on making a lovely quilt!

Here is an excerpt from Dee’s email, talking about her applique journey. I do like hearing that my teaching is helpful (always a nice thing) but I was particularly happy to hear that changing the way she holds her needle made such a big difference! For those of you who have not had a class with me, read the Best-Ever Applique Sampler, or watched any of my videos: I teach you to hold the needle a little differently and it really does make a difference in your stitches.

I read through it and set the book aside for awhile. I then started a journey on how to improve my applique. I saw that you were teaching at a symposium in Raleigh, NC so I signed up for the class. Best class ever. I am a visual person and need to see hands on how things work. Changing how I hold the needle was a game changer for me. Ha!! Now I can’t hold the needle any other way. For me when I started applique, I knew I would love it and I do, but taking classes and learning for me answered a lot of my questions. After taking many classes on the subject, I place you and Suzanne Marshall at the top of my list.

Dee Dalton

Wednesday Giveaway

Cassy L. is this week’s winner! She will receive a Sewline Pencil that comes with white refills. This pencil uses a soft 9mm water soluble chalk to make a line you can see that isn’t too thick. The chalk is firm enough not to break as you draw on fabric, unless you push too hard. You know how that goes. I use this pencil when I am drawing very small or fine shapes.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

Setting Queenie free…

Queenie the unicorn has been floating in our pool all summer. Sometimes she got out of the pool and sunned herself on the waterfall wall…

But Queenie had outgrown our tiny pool and was yearning for grander spaces. My friend, Helen, came to the rescue and released her into the wild this morning…

Queenie is ecstatic in Helen’s lovely pond with the lily pads, turtles, and little fishes. She is the picture of happiness and I am happy for her!