Show and tell from my Tile Tango Class

Gwyn Jalbert took my online Tile Tango class with the Palmetto Quilt Guild. Interestingly, Gwyn lives in Kitchener, Ontario but her guild is in South Carolina. The internet makes long distance classes so easy!

She finished 4 flowers to make the complete block below. She did a lovely job on the appliqué and I love the fall colors she chose! Thank you, Gwyn, for sharing your block with us!

Gwyn said… “I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class I took with you on Oct. 16 with the Palmetto Quilt Guild. Here is the block I have completed  I am working on the next one and I will probably do the Tile Tango quilt. I am really enjoying the needle turn applique and I see my stitches and technique getting better with the practice.
Thanks again.”

Online classes are truly wonderful and I am personally very proud of the ones I have put together. Whether you are with a guild or not, you can find my online classes at Creative Spark. I will new classes as time goes by. Here’s the link to my classes:

All of the classes on Creative Spark are priced to provide a fair income to the teachers. About half of the money goes to the support the people doing the behind-the-scenes work at Creative Spark, the other half goes to the instructor.

You may not think about it often, but free or practically free content does not support the teacher. At some point, we all need to make a living. Most of my income comes from teaching. Income from the products I sell on my website goes to Lorna and Judy, who work for me.

We all choose where to spend our dollars… I’m sharing this information to give you information that you may not know. Happy stitching!