Wow, life can change so fast!

A week and half ago my mom said she thought it was time to move to assisted living. I had seen it coming (but not by much) and had been checking out the possibilities. Sherman has several wonderful spaces and I had narrowed it down to two. Mom went for visits and made her choice. They had openings, she chose her apartment. Bam! Time to move!

In the space of 1.5 weeks, start to finish, we got her moved. I spent most of this time on paperwork, meetings, planning, and finally moving. I am very thankful that Steve, Lorna, and Chris were here to help. It would not have happened so well if they had not been here to take part. My mom left her house yesterday morning is now living in her new studio apartment.

Let me just say that my mom is amazing. She was a little sad when we drove away from her house (and most of her stuff) but that was it. She has embraced her new life where she doesn’t have to cook, there are people to visit with, and there are activities that she can do, or not. Family is welcome there, especially the rambunctious great-grandsons. Everyone knows everyone by name. This is a happy space.

Mom’s house and the stuff still there are my problem and she’s OK with that too. (Someday, my stuff will be someone else’s problem too.) What I realized in the last couple of days is that the stuff of mom’s that matters to me is not the big stuff. I finally, finally, got to take possession of these two silly ceramic dogs. I grew up dusting these bad boys and have no idea why I love them, but they are mine now :-).

And then there’s this bird with the umbrella. I have tried to make off with this for years :-).

We go along with our daily life thinking that every day will be like the one before. Sometimes that is true, sometimes it isn’t. I suppose that what makes life interesting, don’t you think?


Show and tell…

Susan Marshall sent this picture of her first attempt at applique after taking my class last year at Common Threads Quilting. Isn’t it great! So bright and pretty!


Made by Susan Marshall

This is our Lucky Stars pattern, made with some changes to the original pattern. It’s out of print and I really do need to make it available as an ePattern, one of these days.

Susan said:

I’m currently working on Aunt Millie’s Garden… you have created a monster!

Go applique monsters!

I’m pretty sure I’m fit…

I started wearing a Fitbit in 2014. I wrote about it here, about losing it here, and then about buying a new Fitbit here. I ended up not wearing the Fitbit Charge for very long. I didn’t like the clasp, I didn’t like the way it felt on my arm, but more importantly I found an Apple Watch that fit me like a glove.

Last summer while we were in Hawaii, on our last night, I went into the Apple store in Waikiki and tried on a watch with a stainless steel band.


It looks big on my arm in this photo but it doesn’t in real life. This is the utility face. There are several ‘pretty’ faces, but I love this watch because of what you see here. I can tell time, see the day and date, temperature, and (best feature ever) I can set a timer by touching the upper left corner.

I use the timer all the time. Take the cookies out of the oven in 10 minutes? Set the timer. Need a reminder to make a call or go to an appointment?  Set the timer. It can both ding and vibrate to tell me my time is up.

Texts show up on the watch. It is easy to send a simple reply. I could probably send a longer reply using Siri, but I usually don’t. When close enough to an iPhone, you can answer or send calls with the watch. I’ve done that twice, when I couldn’t reach my phone and needed to take the call. It felt (and looked) very Dick Tracy-ish.

I have a sentimental reason for loving this watch. It reminds me of my dad, who died 26 years ago. He loved gadgets, and his watches always had this sort of stainless steel band. My dad would have loved this watch!


Those of you with Fitbits are wondering how the Apple Watch compares when tracking fitness stuff. I started out using a few of the fitness apps, but I don’t use them much (or at all) any more. In this respect, the Fitbit is better. It is easier to use because it is a much simpler machine.

The biggest surprise I’ve had is that I don’t miss the fitness tracking. I wore a Fitbit for more than 2 years. I thought about my steps, checked them often, and was probably too proud of myself when I was very active.

Once I quit looking checking my steps, it was like a switch got flipped. I can tell by the way my body feels that my activity level is the same as it was but I no longer care how many steps I’ve taken or miles I’ve walked. For a competitive step counter, that has been a real surprise to me.

The Apple Watch was too expensive. I’ll have to wear it a long time, but at this point there’s not another watch I’d rather wear.

Show and tell…

How full is your email inbox? I try to keep a handle on mine but I just found a show and tell quilt that was sent to me December 4!!! Janice, I’m sorry for being so very slow. Here’s what Janice had to say:

I just finished My Whimsical Garden quilt. It was so much fun to applique with all the bright colors. I machine quilted it on my Janome home machine trying to stay with the whimsical theme. So much fun! I’m such a fan of you and Linda.
Thanks, Janice


Janice, your quilt is beautiful and the quilting is especially nice. Way to go! Thank you for sharing it with us :-).