Contemplating a character…

I've been sewing this afternoon, which is in itself amazing. We have a book deadline looming and sewing is a small part of my pile of work. I can't share more than a peek but the quilts we are making are pretty!



Anyway, when I'm sewing my mind tends to wander and for the last few days it's been wandering to Quinn Fabray. Quinn is a character on Glee and if you haven't watched the most recent episode you might want to stop reading right now.


I love Glee! The high school drama, the music, the imperfect adults—these characters feel real to me. That said, if I knew them in real life, I'd probably lose patience with many of them.

Quinn is a character who has been through a lot but recently she pulled herself together, was going to Yale, looking forward to a great life. And then—not. At the end of the episode I felt much as I would if one of my friend's had lost a daughter. It was physical.

Several of the characters on Glee will be aging out at the end of this season. Quinn was one of them. I hate to think that she's dead, but if she died in that wreck BECAUSE SHE WAS TEXTING WHILE DRIVING maybe it will have an impact on more viewers than me. I don't text and drive but I've been known to glance at my phone. No more of that.

FYI, Steve thinks I'm crazy but then he never cried at Hallmark commercials either. I told him I'd probably dream about Quinn that night, and I did, and he thinks that's sort of wrong too. But you know, the idea that mourning the (probable) death of a TV character is wrong is exactly the reason that my wandering mind keeps going back to Quinn.

Honestly, I know the characters on Glee better than I know many of my genetic relatives. I can't help but care about these fictional characters. I've spent so much time getting to know them! Aren't there characters in books or movies or on TV that you feel the same way about?

It's the idea that we are all characters in our own dramas that is so interesting to me. Imagine yourself as a character—playing yourself in your very own life. The people we know and love (or know and don't love) inhabit our dramas as we inhabit theirs. Our lives are like a TV drama without any cameras.

In a strange way, this idea feels empowering to me. We can re-write our dramas and make changes as we need to. We have some control… until we get written out of the show…


So now I'm going back to the sewing machine.

Lots of whimsical gardens…

I spent 2 days teaching a class from My Whimsical Quilt Garden with some lovely ladies from the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild. They spent the first day of class coloring their blocks and the second day working on applique techniques.

I managed to find time to take photos of some of their handiwork to share with you. Each block is different!


Some got farther than others, but everyone learned a lot and had a good time!





And Evelyn, whose hands don't let her do handwork, worked diligently, quietly fusing and machine appliqueing her block. She, of course, was practically finished at the end of the class! I admit that the instant gratification is nice.


Where is the train?


My brother had a Lionel train when he was a kid. Lots of track – smoking engine, whistle… the works. I think it looked something like the one above.

At some point the train disappeared. Steven has never been happy about that. Mom is pretty sure it got left in the attic when they moved from the house on 17th street in Oklahoma City that I grew up in. She remembers that my dad did not want to make another trip into the attic even though she wanted him to. 

I'm in Oklahoma City teaching for the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild now and today I went by the old house. It looks good! I knocked, hoping to ask the current owner if they ever found the train. No one was home, but I had typed a letter in advance and I dropped it in the slot. I admit that I was expecting any conversation I might have with the current owner to be weird. Maybe it's better that I left the letter.

We all lose stuff. Big or little, expensive or sentimental. It's a really nice feeling to find something long lost and I would love to finally solve our family's missing train mystery. If the current or previous owner of the house found the train, used it, loves it, sold it—that's fine. We'd just like to know. 

I don't suppose any of you have turned up a 1960s vintage Lionel train?


The funniest card…

I am not good about sending cards. Well, that’s not entirely true… I’m only good at it sporadically. My sister was very good at choosing and sending cards and my mom is too. So, even though she just lives 4 houses down, Mom sent us a valentines card….


So here’s the inside of the card…


My mother cracks me up!


Our world is a beautiful place…

I'm procrastinating which means that I've been clicking around on the web rather than working. I found yet another lovely photo of the Cinqua Terre, Italy, a place I very much wan to visit…


I actually found the photo on facebook, which led me to the origin of the photo, Hub09. If you click on any photo it opens them all up in a slide show. Lots of fun!

Hub09 has a blog as well – click here. I don't speak or read Italian (and I'm making a guess that that is Italian) and I decided that I didn't want to open it in English. Honestly, I like the images just fine without the text. 

Happy procrastinating!

A free motion quilting site…

I learned about Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project when I was in Florida. I have been way too busy to fully explore this site but I know you all are going to love it! 

I admit to being very impressed. This woman has quite a story (click here). She is married and has a young son and she still managed to put up a different machine quilting pattern – with a video! – every day for a year. There are 365 designs. It makes me tired just imaging it.

As I said I haven't clicked through all of the designs yet but right now, this one looks like fun. Leah calls it mesh curtain. I can see the curtain.


There is a lot more to see on her site. Click here to go to her home page. Enjoy!