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Amish-Inspired Quilts was published in 2006 and is now only available in a downloadable format. I have 2 copies so there will be 2 lucky winners!

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DIY Chocolate Bars

In my world, a little bit of chocolate is the perfect way to end the day. I’ve been taking added sugar out of my diet and had finally gotten used to 99% cocoa chocolate bars and they are 1) expensive and 2) hard to find. So I consulted google and found recipes for making my own chocolate bars. It’s so easy that I thought I’d share the process with you.

NOTE: 100% cocoa chocolate is an acquired taste that took me a while to get used to it. You can add sweeteners (listed below).

The 3 main ingredients are cocoa powder, coconut oil, and coconut butter. Coconut butter is very flavorful and more solid at room temperature than coconut oil is. I like a coconut oil that has some flavor. Cocoas have different flavors so try a variety to find the ones you like.


You can get creative with additional flavors. I typically add vanilla, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.


In the past I have added 1 tbsp, you could add more to taste. A friend adds Stevia. You could add plain old sugar, maple syrup, whatever sounds good to you.


DIY Chocolate Bar Recipe

  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup coconut butter
  • 1 tsp. vanilla (other flavor extracts could be fun to experiment with)

Optional add-ons: toasted nuts, crushed hard candy, coconut, etc.

Whisk the dry ingredients together in a bowl with a spout.


Warm the coconut oil and butter in the microwave until they are liquid. I find it easier to measure the warmed coconut oil and butter in one of these measuring devices.


Whisk the coconut oil and butter, and vanilla into the dry ingredients.


You can taste the mix at this point and adjust the flavor by adding whatever you think it needs.

You will need to pour the chocolate mixture into something to harden. You can line a pie plate with waxed paper. It works, it’s just not optimal. Silicone candy bar molds work much better. If you use silicone molds, place them on a cookie sheet for stability. Pour the chocolate into the lined pie plate or candy mold.


Sprinkle with whatever you like. I add unsweetened coconut flakes.


The chocolate will harden quicker if you place it in the refrigerator. When it is hard, remove it from the mold.

This chocolate will melt easily so I store mine in the refrigerator.


Sit back and enjoy!


Visiting the Dallas Arboretum…

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Lorna, the kids, and I went to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday and it looks like spring is already here! Jack took way more pictures than I did.

Jack Taking Pictures

Bear rarely wanted to stop for a photo.


The cherry trees have begun to bloom. That was a surprise to me — I didn’t know there were cherry trees there!


The crepe myrtles are lovely even when they have not leafed out.

crepe myrtle

This is for my friend, Catherine :-).


Wednesday Giveaway

Thursday Update: Congratulations to the lucky winner, Barbara Burkhalter! Be sure to mark your calendars for next week’s Wednesday Giveaway.

Welcome to the Wednesday Giveaway! This week you have the opportunity to win my 2nd-to last copy of our much-coveted out-of-print book, A Slice Of Christmas. It has a very slightly dinged corner, but other than that it’s in primo condition.


This book is full of wonderful Christmas patterns. Click here to see the quilts.

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