Retro Clean does more than you think!

Margaret J. wrote asking me if Retro Clean would remove a grease stain in fabric that had been washed. I contacted Larry at Retro Clean who replied:

There are many different kinds of grease. We have had a lot of luck removing food related grease from tablecloths, quilts and clothing, however something like automotive grease, not so much. It usually doesn’t matter if a textile has been washed previously. It shouldn’t cause any further problems, so it’s probably worth a try.

Margaret did give it a try and it worked! From Margaret:

Happy to report the what we thought was a dark grease stain came out. What I did — took 1 teaspoon retro clean and 1/2 cup of hot water and heated that solution 3 different times during the first day. The next day I put the cloth in a new solution and heated it once after that. It was a panel and I just stuffed the spot in a pint jar with the solution. Did not remove any color. I’d say great product Thanks so much —Margaret

So there you go… Retro Clean is definitely something to keep on hand :-).

Wednesday Giveaway from Sulky

Congrats to Deb G., this week’s winner! She will receive a package of Sulky’s Stick ‘n Stitch wash-away sheets and then stick the sheet to your fabric. Stitch, then wash away the paper. a bonus is that the paper also acts as a stabilizer as you sew.

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Wednesday Giveaway

Debra Reber is this week’s winner—congrats to Debra! She will receive a 4 oz. package of Retro Clean. We each need to keep some on hand for bringing stained fabric back from the brink of despair. I’ve used it and it really works!

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See you next week!

Freezer paper organizing sheets!

D-Ann Gilmore, a new friend from a recent class in Huntsville, shared this neat trick with me. It’s how she carries her English paper piecing blocks so that everything stays in order. Here are her instructions:

“I first lay out my pieces on a (blue) sand paper board inside a file folder. That way I can check my design to make sure my fussy cut pieces are in the right place. I close the folder and using both hands (so the papers don’t fly out) turn the file folder over.

Now my design is right side down on the file folder and I remove the sandpaper board.

I cut a piece of freezer paper that’s a little larger than my design and lay it shiny side down on my pattern. I then place my iron on the paper side of the freezer paper and count to 3, just until little bubbles show through. Lift the edge to check and press until the entire design is stuck to the freezer paper.

Voila! Turn it over and your design is in place and ready for travel.

You then just peel off the ones you need, keeping all your pieces secure. (The freezer paper can be reused about 4-5 more times.).”

That is an excellent idea! Thank you, D-Ann, for sharing it with us. I can’t wait to try it!

PS: The block D-Ann showed is from our eBook Once Upon A Season. You can also order a print-on-demand hard copy here. If you only want the Spring Wheels ePattern, you can find it here.

Show and tell…

Look what Judy made using my free Bagel Pincushion pattern

Here’s what Judy said in her email:

Thank you for providing the free Bagel Pincushion pattern. I made three of them this weekend. They are so much fun, so easy and allowed me to sort thru my wool remnants which is always fun. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness with sharing the pattern. 
Blessings,  Judy 

You can find this quilt pattern others on this page. Have fun!

Wednesday Giveaway

Vickie Nelson has won a crunched (but still good) Magical Unicorn Book! This book is on its way out of print so if you are not Vickie and want the pattern, click here or use this URL:–Patterns/Books–DVDs/p/The-Magical-Unicorn-x31059450.htm

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Do you look in the mirror?

I remember a conversation when I was in my 40s with my mom (in her 60ss) and my grandmother, Nan (in her 80s). Nan said she had stopped looking in the mirror because she couldn’t reconcile who she was on the inside with who she saw in the mirror. My mom admitted that she was on her way to that, and I probably nodded but wasn’t there yet.

But now that I’m in my 60s, I understand more fully what Nan was saying. I tend to skim the mirror, without paying too much attention to the details of my reflection, which is why this funny made me laugh…

There are days when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror late in the day and am surprised to find that my hair has been living a life of its own on my head. Maybe I don’t pay attention to the mirror because I work at home most of the time but honestly, if you see me with lipstick on my eyebrows, please do let me know :-).