Wednesday Giveaway

Margaret Wild is the lucky winner this week! If you are not Margaret, you might want to actually buy your own Corner Cut tool :-). Here’s why: If your 1/4″ seam allowance is too big, or too small, you need a Corner Cut tool! It’s good for many things, not the least of which is checking your seam allowance. Here’s how it works:

And here’s a picture:


Taking advantage of an icy day…

We had an ice storm earlier this week. The ground was warm enough that getting around wasn’t bad, but everything else was encased. This week’s photo challenge is visual rhythm which I kept in mind as I took pictures. I’ll be interested to hear if you have a favorite, and which you think is the best choice for my visual rhythm challenge.

I love the look of power lines, even though I’m happy that the ones in our neighborhood are buried (fewer power outages).

Power Lines – 6

Imperfect is often more interesting than perfect. I’ll bet the owners of this fence would rather it was straight and tall.

Icy Fence – 4

Holly Berries

Icicles on a branch

Mailboxes – 1

Mailboxes – 2

The numbers on the photos were randomly assigned and do not indicate my high or low preferences.

Show and Tell…

Kathy Adler sent me this photo of her Aunt Millie’s Garden quilt. She named it Orange Obsession. I love it! I have my own obsession going on with orange so it’s particularly nice to see Kathy’s version of this quilt.


Kathy wrote: , “The quilt won 1 st place in its division and Best Applique in the Las Colcheras Judged Quilt Show last weekend. I love your patterns! I took a class from you in 2005… and have been appliquéing ever since!”

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your lovely quilt!

Magical Show and Tell!

Bonnie Russell, from Nuts and Bolts Quilting Company, finished her Magical Unicorn quilt. How can you not love it?! Way to go Bonnie, and thank you for sharing your quilt with us!


You should make this quilt, if not for yourself, than for a person who needs some happy magic in their life.


I know this quilt doesn’t exactly look like something I would design, but I did and you can find the pattern at… click here.


Thank you again, Bonnie, for sharing your quilt :-).

A gift from Caryl…

I’ll bet every one of you knows and loves Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s quilts. They are stunning works of art that make you smile all the way through to your heart. Recently Caryl sent me this email:

Since I have retired from teaching and retail, I am, as time permits, offering my patterns and digital workshops free of charge on my website.

I have just uploaded my most complete workshop ever, showing in minute detail how I made my quilt, Soaring Compliments, from start to finish. You will find it and all of my other free patterns and instructions at:

Caryl’s sharing of her knowledge and techniques is so very generous. I know that I am grateful, as are you.

Thank you, Caryl!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.02.23 AM