Show and tell…

Nancy Dahood sent me this photo of her Reindeer’s Playground quilt. Isn’t it cute!

I could tell you more except that I must have deleted her email… do you ever do that? I looked in my deleted emails and it is just gone. Deep sigh. I do remember that she made this quilt herself and, I’m making this up, she hangs it every year at Christmas!

My quilt has reindeer in bright colors… I really like them in realistic brown tones. You can click here to find the pattern. Start now and you’ll have your quilt ready for next Christmas!

Show & Tell…

Jean Temme sent me this photo of her newly finished Christmas quilt. She took elements from two of our Christmas books and mashed them up into this very cute quilt. Way to go, Jean! I love it!


FYI: the Santa, sled, reindeer and stars are from Welcome To The North Pole. The rest of the quilt is from Quilt A New Christmas, which is out of print. I still have some copies in stock so if you want this book, don’t wait too long.