Kauai Road, update…

In between life’s busy-ness, I squeezed in some sewing time on my Kauai Road quilt. Steve says that it looks just like the place which makes me very happy.


I am sewing the power lines now. The fence posts (that will be in the lower left) are still to come, and maybe some dark windows on the little house.

I leave for Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow. I don’t have time to stay for Festival, but that’s OK because I hope to fire up my BERNINA Q20 when I get home!

Desert views…

Linda and Paul live outside of Buckeye, AZ, and the landscape is beautiful in a flat, dry, desert-y sort of way. The colors are intense and the sky is so big! I like the look of power lines running off into the far distance in the photo below.


Sun City Festival, the community where Linda and Paul live, is planted with mostly native plants that don’t require a lot of water and can tolerate the heat. I’ve been walking this path in the morning.


I had forgotten how green the bark is on a Palo Verde tree. They make me happy, especially against a blue sky.


There are palm trees, but only where they get water.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in such an open place. It feels good, more relaxed, but maybe that’s because I’m on vacation with my best friend :-).

Are you in the market for an 1130?

UPDATE: If you were, you are too late for this one. It found a happy home :-).

Steve Schlesinger, who I’ve written about before, has his mom’s BERNINA 1130 online and priced at $799. I have Linda’s 1130 and I can say that the 1120 is a sweet sewing machine. Click here for the details on Steve’s mom’s machine.


Hello from Arizona!

I’m in Buckeye, AZ, visiting Linda. She says hello :-). We’re happily visiting, playing with fabric, and just generally enjoying each others’ company. Today, we took a road trip to Sun City West to visit my Aunt Helen (my dad’s sister), and my cousins Mary and Rick. I promised to post a family photo… I think we look pretty good!


It’s been years since we have seen each other and it was so nice to catch up. I am lucky to be related to such nice people and I’m going to have to come back before years pass by again.

Show and tell…


Jeneen Conway sent me the photo of her quilt with this message:

It’s been a few years since I took your applique “big stitch” class in Bloomington, IN.  I didn’t tell you that I had been working on this pinwheel quilt for some time. Took your wall hanging, redesigned it, re-drew the borders, and chose to make a 360 degree rainbow around the 16 pinwheels. It has been a labor of love and now it is a king size quilt on my bed!  Thank you for the tips you share. I truly learned to needle turn applique through the books that you and Linda created. I thought you would like to see a finished picture.

Thank you, Jeneen, for sending me the story of your quilt! It’s lovely and I am so happy that you are enjoying it on your bed!

But wait! There’s (even) more!

I’ve gotten updates from Steve… here are the mostly current prices for the rest of his mom’s fabric:

  • The single fabrics are now $2.50 a yard (down from $3.50 a yard).
  • The bundles are $2 a FQ. Thus a kit of 12 is $24.

The Flowering Vines kit is listed at $150 with free shipping.  The Bernina 1130 is $950 and has free shipping. It was recently serviced and has extra feet

He also sent a link to photos of the fabric. Click here, or use this link:


He said he photographed it all in one night… I’m impressed! That is a lot of work to take the photos and get them online.

It would be nice to help him get his mom’s fabric to quilters who would love it. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to share the link.