The street that Halloween forgot… almost

So far, we have had one trick or treater – our grandson. We used to have lots of kids, but the demographics of our neighborhood (and that of our town) have changed. But we were very happy to see Jack and Lorna!


My mom wore the hat that you see on Lorna to her Silver Sneakers class this morning. My mom is a party animal!

Hope your Halloween is fun, not scary!


2012 Celebrity Quilt Auction, #6

Sentinels at Sunset II: Someone To Watch Over Me by Ricky Tims…


And May the Lord Bless You… by me!


Any of these 12 quilts could be yours. This is a great opportunity to donate to a very worthy cause AND receive an amazing quilt in return. All you have to do is bid! Ami says I can post the link to the bidding page after Noveber 1.


2012 Celebrity Quilt Auction, #3

Joy Remembered by Diane Gaudynski features some seriously amazing machine quilting…



Scrambled by John Flynn…


You can tell that John has an engineer's mind… amazing!

Click here for cool products.

I'm off to Houston for 2 days of Quilt Market. I'll tweet and post to tumblr and flickr at least some of the cool stuff I find.  


2012 Celebrity Quilt Auction, #2

Lucid Moments III by Libby Lehman…


Fear of Empty Spaces by Pat Holly…


I love this quilt, and the title of this quilt, and the idea behind it – in a way unrelated to Alzheimer's. I find that I keep filling my days to the brim. I've begun to wonder if I will ever have 'unfilled' spaces in my day. And if I did find myself with open 'space', would I know what to do with it?

Luckily I am married to man much like myself in this regard. Neither Steve nor I are very good at just relaxing. 

Remember, you can click here to find products with the images of any of the quilts on them.