Wool quilt auction…

If you get my newsletter, you already know that Linda is auctioning off many of the quilts that she made for our book, Wool Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way. She doesn’t have room for them—that’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? I’m writing this post for those of you who may have missed the news.

The flower basket, below is on auction. It’s one that didn’t make it into the book so you have not seen it before. It’s pretty! To see all of the quilts, and to find the instructions for bidding, you can click here or on the link in the menu bar. Happy bidding!


Quilts from the big show…

The quilt show side of the International Quilt Festival is amazing. So many quilts to see! And I only had 1 hour to see them! I didn’t take many photos but if you search social media I suspect you will find hundreds of pictures.

If you go, you will find quilts that were entered into the judged show and exhibits with different kinds of quilts. This quilt hangs near the front and I love it! It is called Daisies and Dogwoods by Fiona Lindsay from Australia. It is hanging in the In Full Bloom exhibit sponsored by Prym Consumer USA, Inc.


Vermeer Meets Fassett by Lynn Czaban is just lovely. It is a small quilt entered in the judged show.


There were several applique quilts entered into the judged show that were just stunning. I didn’t have a good way to get a good picture of the whole quilt. In most cases the detail shots are better. (FYI: Winners won’t be announced until Wednesday evening.) This is Magnolia by Fusako Takido. Isn’t it great!


My Sweet House with Kirara by Ayako Kawakami is another amazing quilt. I didn’t pay close enough attention but I think both of these are from the Handmade category.


Ben’s Midnight Garden by Barbara Korengold is another quilt that is both lovely and masterfully sewn.


So many quilts have details that are beautiful. The piecing and subtle applique in Where Love Goes by Miyuki Hamara work so well together.


I really loved the simplicity of Little Farm On The Prairie by Enid Weichselbaum. The quilting adds so much to what is already a great design.


The quilts in the different exhibits are not part of the judged show but are just as much fun to look at! There is an exhibit of the quilts from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s book Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern. This one, Deconstruction, is one of Victoria’s own quilts.


The antique quilt exhibit was also fun to tour…


Click here to go to the Quilt Festival home page. I suspect that you’ll find a link to the list of winning quilts there by Thursday.

Images from my quick visit to Quilt Market…

I stopped long enough to take a photo of the construction in the daylight. Downtown Houston has been looking better every year. It’s more crowded, bustling, cleaner, and there is a lot more that is interesting to look at. I suspect that next year the Convention Center is going to look better than it ever has.


I took the next two shots before market opened so the folks you see here are vendors. It will be a lot more crowded once the doors are open and shop owners start walking the floor. It will be even more crowded when Quilt Festival opens. The booth occupants will change, the floor plan generally remains the same.

The opening in the far, white wall goes to the quilts. Aisle 1 starts there…


Turn and look in the other direction and wayyyyyy down there is aisle 29. This is an event that requires good, sturdy footwear.market-03

C&T had our new book, Wool Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way, prominently displayed!


I didn’t stop to photograph many booths because I was moving fast. I did stop at Art Gallery Fabrics because of this wall:


The fabric designer showcased here is Maureen Cracknell. I was lucky enough to get to visit with her for a little bit. She is a lovely young woman who has designed some wonderful fabric. She also has a great eye for display!


It’s not just that the butterflies are pretty, it’s the way the colorless butterflies flow into the colorful ones. They enhanced the fabric that was displayed with them.

In a similar way, RJR used origami cranes…


I didn’t know until just now that there is an RJR Quilt With Love blog! Click here.


If you go on social media and look for #quiltmarket you’ll find lots more photos. Tomorrow I’ll post a few quilt images.

Look out!

I live in Texas and I am here to tell you that this state is all about road construction. And, in most cases, Texas focuses and gets the job done in good order. But sometimes crews focus on one part of a road, get that done, and then move to the next stretch so it can feel like there is never progress. 

I have been coming to Houston in the fall for 21 years and there are always streets torn up downtown. There are fewer this year but there is a huge amount of new construction in progress.

This year the construction that quilters will notice the most is in front of the George R Brown Convention Center. (I took these photos early this morning before the sun came up.)

Entrances at ground level are few. The buses are dropping off at the parking garage next to the Hilton where you can ride an escalator up to the walkway on the 2nd floor to the convention center. It works well. 

  There is remodeling going on inside as well. It may be a little inconvenient this year but I’m looking forward to seeing the changes next year. Truly, this city is prettier every year. 

From Houston…

I’m in Houston for Quilt Market. My friend, Catherine, came with me. She’s not a quilter (yet) so this is an adventure!

Work begins tomorrow but today we had time to go to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. It was fabulous!


We walked through this tunnel between buildings several times. It was way cool. 

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye…  

A woodcut by Alex Katz (above) And this by Jonathan Borofsky (below). 

There was a special Mark Rothko exhibit that I really enjoyed. This yellow one was my favorite… 


The red (above) and black (below) also made me happy. 

There was a Shadow Monster interactive exhibit. That’s me! 


And there’s Catherine! It was so much fun the make these giant shadows on the wall!

After the museum we checked into the hotel and then went to the convention center to get our badges and to walk around the park across the street. It has grown into a lovely space. 


Catherine spotted these lovely reflections on the walk back to the hotel. 


More tomorrow!

Show and tell…

Lindsay Fulmer emailed with photos and a story of her Spring Wheels quilt. She wrote:

I came across the Spring Wheels pattern from the Once Upon a Season book many years ago when I was a beginner quilter. A few years ago when I felt as though I could take on the quilt, I decided to just pull up my big girl pants and do it. I used a white on white Lakehouse dot for the background and each wheel has a unique Kaffe Fassett fabric. I have been collecting his fabrics for years.

FG Kaffe Wheels Show

The quilt won first place for Large Contemporary and Viewers Choice at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild show called “Harvest of Quilts”. It’s also been shown at Road 2 California. I had Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts do the machine quilting – all done on a long arm however not computerized. The only requirement I had of her was to not quilt on the Kaffe fabric, just on the white. Otherwise, she had full reign over the quilt. Click here to see Judi’s blog post.


Recently my husband found my quilt on Facebook….he had seen a post from his childhood art teacher. It’s amazing the power of social media! There are over 26k likes at this point. Click here to see that post.

Lindsay, let me add that I think you made a fantastic quilt! Congratulations on the acclaim you are getting for it. For those of you who haven’t made Spring Wheels, I think we would both say that it is too much fun to miss out on.