Show and tell…

Unicorns really are magical! They appear, kind of out of the blue, to put a smile on your face :-).

Susanne Hilton sent me this picture of the unicorn quilt she made for her granddaughter, who loves it! Susanne said “it was so fun to make!!”

I love Susanne’s fabric choices! Well done, and very smile-inducing.

Show and tell…

Linda L. Jones sent these photos of her recently finished Magical Unicorn quilt. She made it for a friend’s granddaughter. Linda simplified the pattern and says that the machine appliqué was fun and fast 😃.

Here is Michaelann with Linda’s husband, who was a farrier/horse person in an earlier life. He helped Linda to simplify the drawing of the unicorn just a big. And that’s the Gulf of Mexico in the background. All in all, it looks pretty magical, don’t you think?!