Vacations don’t last forever…

Today, Thursday, was our last full day in Hawaii. We fly home Friday evening, arriving in Dallas at 7:00 AM Saturday morning. Those overnight flights are not fun. Steve and I stop in Dallas and drive on home to Sherman but Linda and Paul have to catch another flight to Grand Junction. But we all agree that the trip is well worth the cost of the trip home.

Steve and I climbed Diamond Head this morning. You can see all of Waikiki and a lot of Honolulu from up there. It was a cloudy day but I took photos anyway:

ViewFromDiamondhead-08 copy 

Can you see the pink hotel? That's the Royal Hawaiian and some day I hope to stay there. All it takes is money…


That stretch of sandy beach is the famous Waikiki Beach. Click here to go to the live cam on the beach. It may or may not work on your computer. It was early in the morning when I took this so you don't see many people or surfers out yet.

Yesterday we went to the North Shore and saw the huge waves on the Bonzai Pipeline. I did post one iPhone photo – here's a better one. You should be able to see what looks like a surfer on the right. He was actually riding a boogie board.

BonzaiPipeline-02 copy 

I took a movie of the waves at Waimea Bay that I'll upload to YouTube and post later – probably when I get home and have a better connection. Aloha!

Color provided by nature…


It's not just that the fuschia (from light to dark) is beautiful – it is that it is mixed with the different shades and values of green and brown/gray. Great colors for a quilt.

The ombre shading of the banana leaf (below) really stands out in this photo. It's an interesting idea – to use this sort of shading on one motif in a composition to draw attention to it.