Flying in, and out…


A couple of weeks ago this young parrot landed in our backyard long enough for me to photograph him. And then he was gone. I think about him a bit and hope he found a home.

My kids fly in and out. Jeff is in the air a lot, going to conferences. Chris and Lorna are flying out later this week. Steve and I both fly off pretty often…

May all those flying, every day, all the time, get to and from home, safely.


What will they think of next…

I love Star Wars, but there are apparently hundreds of thousands of people who are way more into Star Wars than I am. That's good because a lot of them are collaborating on an uncut version of A New Hope. The movie's trailer, "The Escape", is below. I laughed, a lot.

Hundreds of 15 second scenes, filmed by all sorts of people, were put back together in a finished film. These fine folks are credited on the Vimeo site:

Bryan Pugh, sound mixing/editing master, Aaron Valdez, video editor and general creative boon for the Uncut Team, and Jamie Wilkinson. AND – you can go to the Stars Wars Uncut site to sign up to film your very own 15 second segment! This so sounds like something my son, Chris, and his kids should do. (Can I join you?)


Star Wars Uncut "The Escape" from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.


Everything old is new again!

Well, maybe not everything. My friend, Kate, and I painted her dining room light fixture yesterday. It did look like this:


As you can see, we painted it in place. In the newly painted and carpeted dining room. That opens onto the also new living room. We live on the edge here in Sherman, TX. We taped newspaper to the ceiling under and around the cap at the top of the chain. Drop cloths covered the floor and the nearby furniture. Kate and I were on a chair and ladder respectively. We took turns holding a drop cloth for the other to spray against. I remembered to take the next photo while there was still some paper on the ceiling. We should have had Brett take of photo of us spraying but we didn't think of it.




Kate may add glass covers, standing upright, around each light. Or not. Either way is very nice.

It is true that we could have done the sensible thing and taken the fixture down and painted it in the garage. But that would have taken hours for the paint to dry enough to re-hang the fixture. As it was, we spent a total of 1 1/2 hours which we both thought was better. That said, we were careful.

We both were barefoot. Luckily we looked at the bottoms of our feet before we walked off the drop cloth. Oh my. Kate scrubbed her feet with a pumice stone. I'm way too ticklish for that so I used paint thinner. 


I wore plastic bags on my feet to get home to the paint thinner. Note to self: next time paint with the bags on the feet!


In other news – I have been working on updating the Piece O' Cake website. I think the front page looks better. Let me know what you think. I've added all sorts of social icon/links. I'm currently updating the banners at the tops of the pages — that's going to take more time. I have a lot of different banners on different pages. 

My computer's font problem is still a problem. Ryan, from Apple, called back as promised. We worked for an hour or more but the problem persists. The engineers are working on it. Really, I didn't want my problem to be this special but I'm happy to know that someone is working on it. Back to work…



So maybe coming 2nd isn’t so bad…

I am having a bizarre font-related computer problem. I called Apple on Friday and worked with three different tech support people over the course of 2+ hours. That sounds bad but as each supprt person exhausted every trick he knew I was moved farther upstream. I ended up with Ryan who was also very nice – and also stumped. I'm telling you, this is a bizarre problem but it has to be fixed. I can't use 3 of the font families that I use all the time. What that means is that when I open a file in which I have used that font, the font isn't there. Not only does it look bad (and in some cases is unreadable) the formatting is all messed up. This is a problem that is going to have to be fixed.

Ryan and I hung up Friday at 5:30 and he's working on it over the weekend. It'll go upstream farther and I hope to hear today if he can't sort it out. This is why I love and use Macs. When something goes wrong you have access to help. It might take a while but goodness knows I can't fix this on my own.

So what does that have to coming in 2nd? Well, I did some web surfing after hanging up to clear my mind and I found a page listing famous hit songs that peaked at #2. Who knew! Like this:


Then there's Nena's 99 Luft Balons that always makes me smile. How did that never make it to #1?!


And Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love that I must include here for Linda. There are several other videos on this page that will surprise you!


I admit to being competitve and I don't always come in at #1. You know what? That's just fine. If I find myself bothered I'm going to hum about red balloons :-). Enjoy the videos.




Only a little out of control…

I know I'm busy when it's a shock to walk out my front door to the mailbox and discover that all of the plants (good and bad) in my front yard are a lot bigger than I remember. The zinnias are getting old and need to be pulled out. I have some weeds and baby trees that have got to go. So what did do? I took pictures!

I took this picture at eye-level. This is a big sage — I'm not sure exactly what flavor. I love this plant! It's a few years old. I cut it back at the first freeze and it comes back the next year. It's not exciting until this time of year. The last time I looked it was at knee level.

PurpleSalvia-01 copy

I saw clumps of red naked ladies. I have a vague memory of planting them and it's nice to know they're still there. 

RedNakedLadies-021 copy

This bush is not exciting. I think it's a Hawthorn… I planted it 15 years ago. After 3 years of nothing, I did my best to kill it for another several years. I finally gave up and just let it be and darned if it isn't getting big now. We put that Chinese pistachio next to it 3 years ago… maybe they like each other! 


I have an out of control area of salvias on the dining-room side of my yard. You may remember that earlier this summer I thought I was going to lose them all because of a pesticide overspray from my neighbor. I suppose what didn't kill them made them stronger. I'm going to have to dif up a lot of them when it is cooler and wetter.


But right now, they are pretty and the bumble bees are ecstatic! I caught one in flight:


In other news I've been baking. A lemon cake for Jack's birthday/pool party that is this afternoon. It will be at our house but I'll be absent for most of it. I already had plans for another party (which makes it sound like all I do is party). I and some friends are hosting a party (thankfully not at my house) and I'm going to work on the set up this afternoon. I made cookies and toffee bars for that party which takes me to where I was going with this: I had to separate several eggs. I used the water bottle separation technique (WBST) and it works so well that I now have a water bottle set aside for this in my cabinet. I thought you might be interested to know in case you haven't tried it yourself yet.



I've been making flowers from hexagons to use as flower centers. Are they cute or what!?


I find that I really like to fussy-cut the fabrics for my hexes. It's just fun to see what they look like as they come together. Here's a closer look…


I made these with the 1/2" papers which you can find here on the site. The bigger flowers in the first photo were made with 3/4" hexes. 

It's funny. I did English paper piecing 20 years ago and then let it go as I moved on to other things. I have re-discovered how much fun these are to make and to use. Linda was right – these are a great take-along project!

(And speaking of hexes… I finally got my computer to shape up but now I can't make some of my fonts work in some programs. It's making me a little bit crazy. I lost Arial earlier today and couldn't read any of my emails. Thankfully I got that one working again. Computers – I love them most of the time.)