The marshmallow test…

Temptation, thy name is marshmallow…

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

The first time I heard about this experiment was on Radiolab. The segment Mischel's Marshmallow aired March 9, 2009. You'll hear from Walter Mischel and Jonah Lehrer. The New Yorker ran a recent article by Jonah Lehrer on the same topic. I have to say, though, that a movie is worth a thousand words!

Fabric Jewels…

Also seen at market were the fabric jewels made by Meg Hannan of Rag Sky Art Studio. She asked me to post this after November 1 after she got home from Festival.

OH MY! This posted before it was supposed to! Meg won't be back home and ready for you to order until November 1 so please check our her site then. Meg, I'm sorry to have jumped the gun!

I managed to resist enough to only buy one pair, but it was hard!


Eco globes…

There is a park covering an underground parking garage in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center (home of market and festival). There was a series of art globes with an ecological theme in the park. They reminded me of the art cows from a few years ago. I walked in the mornings and saw most of the globes – but I didn't have my camera! I did manage to take these on one of the trips back and forth between the hotel and market.


I didn't get out much so took these photos on the run.



Shopping at Market…

Since we are authors, not quilt shop owners, we shop for different things at market. We look for interesting things to use in our quilts, new notions, and we shop for fun stuff!

Dusty's Vintage Linens had an amazing assortment of linen tablecloths, tea towels, hankies, etc. I found 2 sets of napkins that I am going to use and love. Dusty let me take a photo of her booth:


I have to tell you that I didn't realize that the tablecloth hanging above these towels was quilted until I saw the photo. (I'm pretty focused when I'm shopping.) What a good idea!


I always buy some earrings. These are from Geddes Studio. I couldn't resist the pendants either. Look for Nancy at or email


Susan Christie and Gail Sahara have the best vintage jewelry. These marcasite on sterling earrings make me smile!