Happy 65th to Freddie Mercury!

Did you know that every now and then Google does something fun on their home page? Today I read in USA Today about a Google Doodle tribute to Freddie Mercury, of Queen fame, who died in 1991. Because it's Labor Day here, the US celebration will be at google.com tomorrow (Tuesday). Until then, you can head over to google.co.uk.

Clicking on the "play" icon launches a YouTube video (which I've embedded below)  to the tune of Mercury-led rock band Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." A second click brings you to Google search results for Mercury from Wikipedia and more. This music takes me back to my younger years…



Heads up to blog readers…

Faithful blog readers: you get to hear this news first!

The Piece O' Cake web sales division in Grand Junction, Colorado (where Linda lives) is moving to Sherman, Texas (where Becky lives). Linda is going to enjoy spending more time with Paul, who will be retiring as Piece O' Cake's shipping agent. Becky is going to be hiring Lorna, the soon-to-be new shipping agent and more :-).

But the move won't happen until October 31. Between now and then we have to move some inventory because it's just too expensive to ship everything across country. So we are having a moving sale!

All fabric is 30% off. (Click here, and here, and here, and here). A variety of notions are on sale. The wool and jewelry are now incredibly inexpensive. And we have two books that are going out of print at a great savings: click here and here.

Click away – you may find something not listed above. Happy shopping! The newsletter with these sale items will go out next Tuesday.