If you need a condo in Princeville…

The condo we spent the week in is on the grounds of the Church of the Pacific. It is handy to everthing in Princeville. It's very near the Kuhio Highway, the road that takes you everywhere on the island, but you don't notice the traffic. The only neighbors are the pastor and his wife. The view is fantastic and the condo itself is clean and well-equipped. I'd stay here again in a heartbeat.

That's the condo, seen from the golf course, nestled in the trees center left. You can also click here to go to a previous post about the condo.


The Church owns and rents the condo to raise funds for educational purposes. If you'd like more information, email Jeni for more information at info@church-of-the-pacific.org.

Morning on the beach – flying home tonight…

We went to Hanalei Beach this morning. Our plan is for all of us to be ready to sleep once the plane takes off tonight at 10:50 PM.

Girls-53-HanaleiBeach copy

The beach goes much of the way around Hanalei Bay. We were in a spot that was shallow pretty far out but that also had some low, breaking waves. The girls got pretty good with the boogey board.

GirlsAndBecky-09 copy

The girls dug a big moat that was still there when we left. 

Girls-52-HanaleiBeach copy

They sat in the surf.

Girls-51-HanaleiBeach copy

They posed in front of the mountains. We ate lunch on the beach, had a shave ice on the way to the car. We shopped a bit in Hanalei and I finally found what I was looking for for Jack. The drive back to the condo was short. We are cleaned up, packed up, and Steve has dinner planned. The girls are watching the Disney channel and chilling. When I finish this post I'm going to have a glass of wine and start the next Stephanie Plum novel. 

Here's hoping for an uneventful trip home!

Last full day…

We had a lot planned for our last full day on Kauai. First we went north through Hanalei and then on to the end of the road at Ke'e Beach. We stopped at Tunnels Beach, not a place for the girls to swim. See those signs? We promised not to put the girls in the water where the surf was not safe.

Girls-37-TunnelsBeach copy

They played on the beach for a while and then we headed farther down the road to Ke'e Beach, where the road ends.

Girls-40-KeeBeach copy

We did not leave the condo intending to swim today so we were not lathered completely up with sunscreen. And we did not have swimsuits on. Our plan was to check out beaches for tomorrow, our last most-of-a-day on Kauai so it was easy to say, no, you cannot swim here. I would not have been thrilled to see them in the water here anyway. The surf was nice, nice, nice – then this big set of waves came in and about washed our flip flops out to sea. People die here and we have no intention of losing either girl on this trip.

We left after about 30 minutes. Tomorrow we'll spend several hours at Hanalei Beach Park – closer, safer, nice. We are hoping for another clear day!

Girls-44-NaAinaKai copy

After lunch we were taken on a special tour of the Na 'Aina Kai Botanical Gardens. Trudy, who was in my class last weekend, is married to Sam who is a volunteer and tour leader at the this marvelous botanical garden. Rather than tell you about it, I wish you would click here to get the real information. What an amazing place and how lucky we were to get a special tour!

They have populations of nene, Laysan albatross, and Hawaiian Moorhens. Here's an albatross in the air…

LaysanAlbatross-03 copy

There are oh so many wonderful plants. The sculptures are marvelous. If you come to Kauai, the Na 'Aina Kai Botanical Garden is worth a visit.

Then we went to the Kiluea Lighthouse. Here's Elanor in the door of the lighthouse. You cannot go up but sometimes you can see whales out in the ocean around the point. We didn't.

Elanor-16-Lighthouse copy

Next we went to play miniature golf. Neither girl had golfed before and Steve and I rarely playe. None of us was remotely near par but Elanor and Steve each had a hole in one. Lucky shots, both! Here's Lola, who posed for us before swinging…

Lola-15-MiniGolf copy

We're in for night—showered and fed. The bags are mostly packed. Note to parents: our gift to you is a suitcase full of mostly dirty clothes :-). No time for laundry here.

We leave Kauai tomorrow night at 9:50 PM. When we land at LAX we have 45 minutes to make our flight to Dallas. If we miss it, it will be at least 2 days before there is another flight with seats. Steve says not to worry, we'll make it. I'm trying not to worry and am thinking of what we can do in the LA area for two days.

I've emailed my cousin in Poway to see if she's home now, just in case we get stuck. And Trudy did point out the Disneyland is right there, near LA. Honestly, Disneyland does not sound bad at all. Do any of you know of an inexpensive hotel we might visit for a couple of nights if we get stuck? Steve and I really don't want to be stuck in LA but I have to say that the very idea of a visit to Disneyland has me less wound up about it. If it wasn't so expensive I might be happy at the thought 🙂 but we both have work and really need to get home…


Back to the beach…

We went back to Poipu Beach today. We rented snorkel gear on the way for Steve and the girls. It was a lot windier and there were fewer people on the beach.

GirlsAndSteve-08 copy

Steve and the girls went out together once and then Elanor's mask fell apart. That was fine because honestly it was better that one girl went out with Steve at a time.

Note to parents: They both like snorkeling! Elanor was a bit undone initially about sharing space with fish but she got over it. Lola just got into it right out of the gate.

The girls buried me in the sand. I was eventually covered up to my neck.

GirlsAndBecky-06 copy

There was a fair amount of laying on the beach…

Girls-35 copy

If you are standing about where we were and look back at land, this is what you see. Gotta love the blue sky!

PoipuBeach copy

We may not go back to Poipu because there is Craft Show on the Beach on Saturday and it just sounds like a bad thing traffic and parking wise. So it was nice to be there today. After the beach we went by Spouting Horn one more time. It spouted, but not in this shot.

Girls-33 copy

When we got back to the condo, Steve went to the grocery store and we cleaned up. Steve is the one keeping us fed, 3 times a day. Gotta love him! He took this photo so I could show his work space.


Tonight we are going to watch the Parent Trap with Haley Mills! I do so love Haley Mills. More tomorrow!


A lovely day at Poipu Beach…

We covered ourselves with sunscreen and got an early start for Poipu. Stopped at Walmart for a hat for Elanor (and me) and more wooden plates for Mom. (Note to mom, you may only get 3 plates. I suppose I'll have to come back!)

Got a great parking spot at Poipu but did not take a picture of it. After testing out 2 spots on the beach, we settled on a third. The wind was to our back and there was a great, safe place for the girls to get in the water and play in the sand. We buried them but they didn't stay down for long. Heads on the sand… always a fun thing to see. The folks walking by laughed. 

Girls-25 copy

Not that far down the point from us were these rocks. Elanor has water shoes but Lola and I do not which is just fine. We didn't go too far. Note to parents: no danger of being washed out to sea at this spot. The girls sort of wanted to go farther and I said 'no'. 

Girls-26 copy

Both girls are all about getting in the water, head and all! Neither of the girls seem to mind the fact that this water is on the cold-ish side. Steve says it's not cold at all. Men and kids must be impervious to the cold. I got in up to my waist today and felt fulfilled. It is warmer after you've been in once and I've sort of promised to get all the way in tomorrow. 

I took a movie with my iPhone. I do so love technology! It was so bright I could hardly see the screen but got a good movie. Someday, when these girls are my age, I hope they can still pull this up and remember this trip! 


All the way to the end of the road…

We got on the road at 8:30 this morning and headed to Waimea Canyon. Steve and I have been to the canyon before several times and we figured that the girls should at least see it. They have come all this way after all. That said, it's a 2 hour drive each way and I wasn't completely sure they would love the day. But they did!

We were blessed with another dry day, even at high altitude. We have pants and jackets and cameras in hand when we got out and over-looked…

AllOfUs-02 copy

A very nice man volunteered to take our picture. Lots of wind. Luckily my hair was mostly glued in place.

Girls-15 copy

I like these unposed photos taken from behind. A person's personality comes through in a way that it doesn't when they are smiling at the camera. It's unguarded.

GirlsAndSteve-04 copy

This is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii and near the rainiest spot on the planet. It's nice to have enough sun to see your shadow.

We went to another overlook where you can sometimes se the ocean. Not today. It was wetter and colder and less clear. I cajoled a big smile out of Elanor.

Elanor-06 copy

Lola will offer a smile for the camera in a flash…

Lola-08 copy

I am the mother of boys and girls in general sort of crack me up. Lola and Elanor are different but mesh very well. I'm enjoying being around little girls. They see the world differently than do boys. For one thing, not every stick is a weapon.

On the way off the mountain we stopped at this cool place…

Girls-21 copy

You park off the road. The water was flowing and it was an amazing spot for a phot. Lola said that in this photo it looked like I had photoshopped in a different background. An astute observation.

Elanor-11 copy

I got these shots while the girls were digging up a bit of red dirt. Isn't that a great backdrop?!

Lola-09 copy

We got down in time to eat lunch in Waimea. Got ice cream, stamps, boxes, and found a ladies room. All good things. Then it was off to Spouting Horn. We didn't get a great photo. We had time to stop at Poipu Beach. We were unprepared for the beach and it was late in the day so we stopped knowing we'd be there for only about 30 minutes. The girls were very happy.

Girls-24 copy

Tomorrow is a Poipu day. We'll go prepared to spend several hours. And depending on how well we apply sunscreen, we'll go back on Thursday, and Saturday morning. It's an hour's drive each way but the beach is so worth it.

Now, just a note to crack up the adults… Steve and I are each reading a Stephaie Plum novel on the beach. Years ago Steve ran out of something to read on a trip and I gave in one of these. Darned if they are a fun beach read even for a guy. Every book is basically the same and who cares if there is sand in the book. If I could eat wheat I'd be craving donuts…