It’s good to be home!

I got home from Indianapolis Sunday and spent the day in a frenzy: unpacking, doing laundry, and dealing with the piles on my desk. Monday morning I got up early, walked with Laurie and then showed up for jury duty. After listening to how important we all were to keeping the wheels of justice moving (which I happen to believe is true) we were cut loose after only an hour. Oh happy day – I did my civic duty and also got my week back!

I plan to get some sewing done this week in between being chained to the computer. I admit that I have also been doing a bit of browsing/goofing off online. I need to quit finding interesting stuff, but since I've already found the following, I thought I'd share.

You may have seen this already. If not, I think you'll laugh, possibly out loud. 


Then there's this article on the new world of communication etiquette. My take-away is that my children are right – texting saves time. And they text better than I do. I tend to text in complete sentences and use way too many words. I'm also guilty of sending texts and leaving voice mails that probably would be viewed at the other end as time-wasters. I am going to try to be more thoughtful of the reciever's time from now on – more texting, less calling, fewer words. Except when I call my mom.

There's this op-ed piece about living with less stuff by Graham Hill. I know that I will never have that little stuff (this is a man who does not quilt) but he makes good points. I have been cleaning out our nooks and crannies and I like our space better. There is more stuff that needs to go away. Later, not today.

And in case you are considering taking up ice climbing, you should be aware of the down-side. The guy wearing the helmet-cam was not seriously injured. I was left wondering how he got the rest of the way down…


I hope you didn't spend too much of your time on these :-). Now I am going to sew! 



Some very good links…

I'm on the road, teaching at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show – IHQS. A lovely show, the vendors have fun stuff (ask me how I know), the restaurants have great food. It's all good. I should be sharing photos here, but I didn't take out my camera in class. I have, however, been Instagramming

Right now I'm back in my room and have been checking my email. I get a few very interesting emails most days that have links to interesting information. Today, I am going to share links with you.

I'm not one to normally worry about 1984-ish events but I think that if I find someone looking at me with Google Glasses, I'm not going to be happy. And I am pretty careful about personal information that I post online, but I'll bet I am not careful enough. I hate to make you nervous, but we probably need to be more aware of the information we share, on purpose or by accident… 

    What Facebook knows, and shares, about you. Creepy.

    Google Glasses – What you haven't been hearing.

This next one is just for pretty. You can buy a topographic, under-water map made with layers of wood. Maps are wonderful, these are lovely and wonderful. I've linked to the one for San Francisco Bay, but there are more:

    Below the Boat

And then there's this article about the Post Office. What I hear from the news is that the post office is out of date, not pulling its weight, etc. But I still marvel at the fact that I can send an envelope for just $.49 (or whatever it is now) and it will go to the place I write on the envelope. Think about that for a minute… without the post office, how would you make that happen? For more $, you can send something anywhere on the planet. As I read this article, it made me realize that it's even better than just getting something from one place to another:

    Do we really want to live without the post office?

You know what? I don't begrudge the money that goes to the post office and I really wish the congressmen that represent me were not part of the group trying to bring the post office to its knees. Some institutions are worth paying for (in my humble opinion).

And now you can go back to your sewing with a variety of things to think about. 



A site designed to separate you from your money…

I have no idea how I ran across this site. I sort of wish I hadn't found it, but now that I have found Grommet I know I'll be there daily.

It's sneaky. When I clicked that first link to go to the home page, I had to enter my email address and sign up for a daily email. They could have lost me right then but, no, they didn't. So far there is very little on this site that I don't think I need.

Like this. Surely Elanor needs one. You can buy it here.


Or this: Sugru, moldable silicone. I pretty sure that I need to have some on hand for those object hacking opportunities.


Then there are the Coverflex silicone lids (better than Saran wrap!). I think Steve needs at least one set. There's more. Lots more. I almost feel guilty for sharing the link. But not so guilty that I'm going to delete this post. Happy shopping :-).


Scary, ugly fabric…

I've got to quit writing about my ugly fabric challenge… it just generates more ugly fabric :-). Here are the recent additions to my pile…


Yes, those are Muppets in the back, with some sort of little clown face print next. The gold/green hexes are nice, as is the black/green print at the top. But, oh my, that Hawaiian Santa is just scary.


He is surfing, snorkeling, and sitting on the beach in other poses. I know he's in Hawaii because of the sash that says "Mele Kalikimaka", Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. And his hand is making the shaka sign. I think Hawaiians should rise up in protest, declaring this print off-limits.

I am traveling again this week – to Indiana where I will lecture to two guilds in Columbus. I leave there to teach at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington. This is always a lovely show and I'm happy to be going back. Maybe I'll see you there!



Furniture make-over…

I have been lucky enough to receive furniture from my mom over the years. In this post I want to show you the dresser that she bought years ago for her bedroom and the buffet that lived for years in her dining room.

Mom has always bought quality furniture, so these are nice case pieces. That said, we have different tastes when it comes to furniture. Mom favors dark woods in a Queen Anne style. I prefer modern furniture that isn't quite so dark. I've been using these two pieces because 1) I have them and 2) they would be expensive to replace – but there's always been something about them that I just couldn't love. Here's the dresser:


And the buffet:


Today, when I was dusting, I had a revelation. It's not the furniture itself that I disliked, but the drawer pulls. They have a mass-produced, too-slick, early American flavor to me. This is easy to fix! 

I went to Lowe's and found simple pulls that have a subtle hint of bamboo styling in a bronze finish for the buffet. I studied furniture history back in the day and remember that the English were very influenced by Chinese styles during the Queen Anne period so a mash-up of the two works for me.


When I took off the original hardware I could see how much the wood has faded over the years. The ghost of the old hardware is right there – and Steve and I don't care. In fact, I kind of like it. It is uniform enough that it looks intentional, rather than being a mistake.


The pulls for the dresser are on 2 1/2" centers – they are narrower than Lowe's carries in stock. I went online and found the perfect hardware at House of Antique Hardware. They are solid brass and expensive, but this is a lot cheaper than it would be to replace the whole dresser. The style is Chippendale/modern, perfect for the room. 


Instead of this…


Can't wait for them to get here! It's like having new furniture!