On masks and ties—Updated 4/25/2020…

Elastic, when we can find it, is what many of us have been using for mask ties. Most wearers like elastic but it bothers some people’s skin. Fabric ties are nice but slow to make.

Ann suggested using strips cut from t-shirts and they work really well… no sewing or serging necessary. We’ve been using T-shirt strips for a while and everyone loves them. Cut strips 1/2˝-3/4˝ x 18˝ either cross-grain or with the grain, it doesn’t seem to matter.

We are cutting ties longer because some of us like tying the ends behind our neck and head rather than in ear loops.

I use a wire “tie-threader” to pull ties through the mask casing, shown in my original mask post. But I realized that people who want to replace ties won’t have seen my bent-wire threader, so I added that information to the instruction sheet I give out with my masks.

If these instructions work with the masks you are making, you are welcome to use my instruction sheet. Here is a link to the instruction sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5m7rognqml7s2mx/Mask%20Instructions.pdf?dl=0. There are 4 to a page.

May you be healthy, and happy, and may you have many happy stitches!

Wednesday Giveaway

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Show and tell…

I love show and tell, don’t you? Nadine Hogrefe sent this recently. The story she posted to go with it on Facebook follows. FYI: This is A Walk in the Mountains, one of our blocks of the month. Click here to find the digital patterns.

From Nadine: Good Morning Everyone! Today’s Project! Pin basting a 56×62” wall hanging! So many memories with this one. I purchased this Piece O’ Cake appliqué quilt kit at a Lancaster PA Quilt Show in 1998. My Aunt Jean (my quilting mentor and true soul mate) took me to this show and we both bought this kit. We both finished building it about the same time….she quilted hers very soon. I, on the other hand being true to myself, got chasing other beautiful shiny objects and allowed it to hang marinating in the quilt top closet until yesterday. NOW is the time to get this sucker finished! Aunt Jean told me too! Oh how I still miss you😢…..”

Linda made the original quilt and it is a design that stands the test of time. Nadine, great job and I know I’m not alone when I say ‘well done’! Thank you for sharing.

Wednesday Giveaway

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Stay healthy and happy and may you have many happy stitches!

Shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at pieceocake.com!