Show and tell…

Margery Tadder sent me this photo of her Welcome to the North Pole wallhanging. She wasn’t sure it was good for Show and Tell but it is perfect in every way for showing! Not only is the quilt super cute, the decorations above and the elf below so very happy. Well done, Margery!!!

She wrote: “It was fun to do and looks really cute hanging from my mantle. Thank you again for your adorable patterns! Wishing you and your family good health and happiness in a better New Year!”

And I send happy, healthy thoughts out to you all as well!

My most-used organizer for on-the-go sewing…

The Yazzii Mini-Petite Organizer is just the right size for me. It doesn’t take up too much space in my bag but it is big enough to hold almost everything I need when I sew away from home.

It was student in one of my classes who suggested taking out the inside pouches. Boy, she had an amazingly great idea! Don’t be shy… just do it!

Click here to find Yazzii’s at

Show and tell…

This quilt was made by Denise, Beth, Vidhu, and Jen who are part of the UF Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine department in Gainesville, FL. They decided to mark the fight against Covid-19 with a quilt to hang in their office space.

I’m impressed! First, with the job they have been doing all this year. And second, that they carved out the time to be creative. Well done and thank you for sharing your quilt with us!

I love the little Covids that they added to the Searching for Beauty pattern. They add depth to the design. I wish I had thought of that myself! (You can find the free how-to videos I made on YouTube or on Creative Spark.)

If I remember correctly from a previous email, they plan to collect signatures on the back of the quilt. The little Covid in the corner is a patch crediting me with the design which is a nice touch. They need to add their names and other documentation info to the quilt as well—perhaps that will happen as they gather signatures?

Denise knows about Jim, so she included a photo of Vidhu’s family’s cat in the Christmas tree!!! It took me a while to find him…

I’m guessing that he is the only ornament that tree will wear this year 😂. I am not going to let Jim see this picture. He has enough bad ideas in his head already.

Thank you Denise, Beth, Vidhu, and Jen, for sharing your quilt with us! Stay healthy, and happy.

Wednesday Giveaway

Louann Y. is this week’s lucky winner and she will receive a set of my favorite white chalk pencils and an eraser, both by General’s. Congrats to Louann! You can find them, and other marking tools here.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

Show and tell…

Cindy Cox sent this photo of her Whimsical Quilt Garden quilt. I love it! Her friend, Teresa Marler, encouraged her to send it and I’m so glad she did. Truly, don’t be shy! Please do send me pictures of your Piece O’ Cake quilts because we all want to see them! 

Cindy wrote: “I enjoyed making this quilt, it was the first one I’ve hand sewn from a pattern. Other than the green olive on the right border, I love it! I may sew another color on the top of that. Haha!
Enjoy your day,Cindy Cox”

If you are like me, you had to look for the olive and, once found, I like it! But we are each different, with different tolerance levels. Cindy, your quilt is fabulous no matter what. Thank you for sharing!