Hexie Squeeze Punch

A student told me about these Fiskars hole punches. Now that I have tried them I can tell you how they work. 

All sizes squeeze easily on card stock if you cut 1 sheet of paper at a time. You are can recycle paper (like heavier magazine inserts) or use pristine sheets. 

  • Medium = 1/2″ on each side
  • Large = 3/4″ on each side
  • X-Large = 1″ on each side

The X-Large grip is too big for my hands so I’ll ask Steve to do those for me if/when I need them. 

The same student also told me that if you punch a hole in the center of each paper it’s easier to remove them with a toothpick or awl which makes sense. I couldn’t find my normal hole punch so I used the one that cuts 1/8″ holes, 1/4″ would probably be better. 

Honestly, I have very little spare time for cutting hexies so I won’t use these often. But I’m happy to have them in my drawer, just in case :-).

FYI: I couldn’t find them from a quilt supplier so I looked on Amazon. 

Yet another use for binding clips…

I set a new quilt together yesterday but, I need to finish the applique. There are a few English paper pieced hex flowers that go over seam lines inside the quilt. There is a lot of fabric to hold onto while I’m stitching and I didn’t want to abuse the outer raw edges of the quilt as I worked.

It occurred to me that I could double-fold the 4 outer edges, leaving the raw edges encased in the fold, and use the Clover Binding Clips to hold the folded edges. I placed the clips 8″-10″ apart and they are working like a charm!

UseBindingClips copy