Looking at patterns…

I took pictures of patterns yesterday and this morning when I was out walking. These are all patterns in metal and I thought I'd share:


If you've heard me lecture, you've heard me say that I pay attention to what I see because I often see something interesting. Some of what I see might be good in a quilt. The diagonal lines (above) could be quilting or piecing lines. It looks like the size of the diamonds might be different above and below the squares. The designs in the squares could be applique! The scalloped line at the edge is nice as well.


I loved this manhole cover. Look closely at the way new lines are added to the wedges to the outside of the circle.


This would be fun to piece.

And then there's this one. I've posted it on flickr, facebook, and tumblr (see, I'm using all of my current social media platforms!)


What got my attention first were the circles. Then I read the words. Sanitary sewer… couldn't that be a very clean sew-er? That's us!





Even more social connectedness…

I had some time this afternoon to work on my tumblr page. Oh, please click here so that I don't think the time was spent in vain :-). If you don't follow me on twitter, instagram, or facebook, you'll see the photos I've posted lately. The tatooed chicken is sort of worth a look. 

A short story about the chicken… it's big and up on a sign pole in a not-so-lovely part of Hot Springs. I had to circle back to take the picture. A patrol car was parked underneath the chicken and I was pulled into a scary-looking liquor store parking lot in front of him, with iPhone out snapping photos. I wondered what he was thinking… but I just had to get a photo of this tatooed chicken! The print you can't read under the wing says 'Don't be a chicken' — meaning just go ahead and get a tatoo. I didn't.

I've also started a show & tell group in flickr. This page has real fun potential. Again, please do click here. I've posted the first photo. Click, add your photos to the group. Come back often. I'm going to love seeing how you use our patterns but I think you all will enjoy seeing what gets posted even more!

Enjoy your stitching tonight. I'm going to come back to the hotel after dinner, turn off the computer and sew hexagons together.


Oh-so-social media…

I'm in Little Rock, eating breakfast and getting ready for a day of teaching. I'm looking forward to it – the ladies in the class are very nice and they are excited! I think we'll all have a good day.

I just saw this video on The Quilt Show site and had to share because it almost hits home. I've been working in the last few days to be more connected social media-wise. I'm trying to figure out how to mesh facebook, flickr, tumblr, twitter, and pinterest with my life. Just setting up all the accounts so that they talk to each other is making my head hurt. I've spent some time with my head in my various iDevices but I can thankfully report that I have not taken any photos of my food!



Open A Door To Adventure, continued…

Connie asked yesterday how the doors were coming along. It's as if she read my mind! I finished the applique on the last door last week. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

DoorsTogether-03 copy

I am going to sash/border and quilt each door individually so that they can be hung in a variety of ways. Or… remember the Tick Tock blocks I showed you yesterday? I could construct a 'building' around each door. That could be very good as well. Elanor has laid claim to these quilts so I suppose I should ask her what her preference is.

Tonight Steve and I are going to a charity even at Cowboy Stadium which I hear is spectacular. In fact, I may tweet about this! I forget about tweeting but I can do it. We meet friends at the party bus in Plano for the longer ride to the stadium. You may see bits of that too.

Next week I travel to Little Rock and Hot Springs Village, AR where the scenery is lovely and the quilters are excited!

Tick tock…

I am out of hand work – oh no! I don't have a new pattern drawn but I have plans to work on a book on color so I let the fabric talk to me for this project. This is where I started, and this is the direction the background will take.

TickTock-13 copy

I added more fabric…

TickTock-03 copy

and then I added more fabric…

TickTock-12 copy

The original fabric is less prominent in this photo but I knew at this point that the other fabrics would be used in small doses. My thought was that the browns would be prominently used in the applique.

Then I started constructing the blocks. I am using the same technique that we wrote about in Applique Outside the Lines. I cut with a rotary cutter but I didn't touch a ruler. The clock fabric is the dominant fabric – as was my plan – no matter if it is used in large or small amounts in each block.

TickTock-15 copy

A few hours later I had several blocks in progress, on my design wall…

TickTock-37 copy

At this point I had to decide how big this quilt might be, and what sort of shape it will be — square? rectangle? Did I want it to be lighter or darker overall? Notice that where the fabric shapes are bigger, the blocks are easier to look at. As pieced areas get smaller and denser it has an effect on the look of all the blocks. 

I made backgrounds for 9 blocks but I can't show them all online because of that whole 'it might be in a book thing'. But I do plan to put together a tutorial on how to do this sort of piecing that should be helpful if you haven't done this before. I hope to have it up next week, it might be the one after that. I should be able to share smaller areas of this quilt as I work on it.

PS – How many of you would buy that fabric with the big clocks? I'll bet not many because quilters tend to shy away from big prints. I've said it before and I'll say it again – you really need some of these amazing prints in your stash. They will surprise you!


Before I die…

I'm sewing, cutting, sewing, taking photos… busy day! And while I'm at it I'm catching up on TED Talks. I think you will love this. It's short, thoughtful, and heartfelt.


I am now trying to figure out what space in my house I paint with chalkboard paint. We have people over often. In addition to what Steve and I write, I'm pretty sure that we would accumulate some very interesting thoughts about what is important to our friends. I think that seeing these hopes and dreams daily would remind me to focus on what's important – and to remember that we each travel our own paths through life.

I'll show those project photos later today. I'm still sewing….


How to ride a bike…

As I watched this I thought:

  1. I could be in better shape.
  2. Even at my peak, I could never have done this.
  3. If my sons did this I would never stop worrying about them.
  4. I'm going to have nightmares about riding a bike on a tiny railing next to a steep drop.


I'm not really wasting my day trolling the web. I'm sewing on a new project – an applique project. Tomorrow I should be able to share a bit of it with you. Back to work!