8 Days of magic…

The most magical part about a week at Disneyworld are the memories that you bring home with you. We will also have photos taken by the Disney photographers (which should be good!) but for now I can share a few taken with my phone and small camera…

Disney1-03 copy

It’s not Disney without princesses, and boy, were they good!

Disney1-04 copy

Some of the coolest visual memories that I have are from the Very Merry Christmas evening spectacular. It’s extra, but worth it. The light show on the castle, the Christmas parade, and the fireworks were, in fact, spectacular!

DisneyCastle-01 copy

We visited all of the parks!

Disney2-09 copy

Jack saw his first ocean mid-trip…

AtTheOcean-01 copy

AtTheOcean-02 copy

We got rained on at Hollywood Studios but I got some photos between showers…

Disney4-01 copy Disney4-02

All in all, it was a great trip. We didn’t think about work for a whole week! And, while we are all ready to be home, we’re also sad to be leaving. That is the sign of an excellent vacation!


It’s magic!

I am privileged to know Larry Hass, a magician and philosopher. He recently gave a TED Talk at SMU and I think you will enjoy it as much as I did :-).

(Click here if the video above did not open.)

I am captivated by his definition of magic: “Magic is an artful performance, of impossible things, that generates energy, delight, and wonder”. Yes, that’s magic—and that’s why I love watching magic. I don’t want to know how it’s done, I embrace the wonder!

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that this statement could also define quiltmaking. What we do is artful. Quilting looks impossible to those who do not sew. And quilts bring delight and wonder, and they energize. Who knows… maybe we are magicians with fabric! It’s certainly something to keep in mind as we sew.

I hope you enjoy both the TED Talk, and the ideas Larry Hass presents.

This will post as I am on my way to the Magic Kingdom (in Florida) where I will be happy to embrace all kinds of magic

Merry Pre-Christmas Sale!

Last year, I decided to have our end-of-the-year inventory sale before Christmas. I’m doing the same thing this year. If you get my newsletter, you know about the sale already.

From December 3-10 everything at pieceocake.com will be 20% off (excluding Stella lamps and any eBook that comes from C&T). Enter DECSALE in the coupon code box and the discount will be applied. (If you forget to enter the code, Lorna will still give you the discount.)

I grew up in Oklahoma City and at this time of year B.C Clark Jewelers always has a before-Christmas sale that they advertise with a famous-in-Oklahoma jingle.  Once you hear it, I promise that you will never forget it :-). Every time I hear it I take a trip in the way-back machine to my youth…

In what is becoming a tradition, I am leaving town tomorrow and will be gone during the sale. Lorna is staying home with Elanor, Bear, my mom, and your orders! She actually prefers to handle lots of orders without distractions… and sometimes I can be a distraction. She’ll work hard to ship your orders quickly but depending on the volume, it may take a little longer than normal to ship. I may run out of some things. Lorna will order more of whatever we run out of if she can. She will let you know if something is backordered.

I leave tomorrow for Disneyworld with Jack (7), his dad/my son/Lorna’s husband, Christopher, and Jack’s best friend—his other grandmother, Judy (Lorna’s mom). Three adults to one 7-year-old is actually going to be a very good thing. We are each looking forward to this trip. Disneyworld is all lit up for Christmas which will make it especially magical.

I’ll post pictures on facebook and instragram if you want to follow along. If I have time, I’ll write some blog posts but mostly I hope to just chill out with Jack, Chris, Judy—and Elsa, a princess I have grown quite fond of :-).