The you you rarely see…

I like to images of people, taken from behind. Often the poses are unguarded and, if you know the person, you can recognize them without seeing their faces.

I have lots of photos of Steve from behind. He always looks like himself.

Steve on the Alakai Swamp trail, on Kauai.

This picture  of Judy, Jack, and Chris with their feet in the Atlantic makes me happy. I think that even if you don’t know them, the composition is nice.

AtTheOcean-01 copy

I don’t have many shots of me from behind. In the ones I have, sometimes I recognize myself, and sometimes I do not. Jeff took the photo of me, below, last week at a lovely spot at the Dallas Arboretum. My first thought was that with my hair so short, I could be mistaken for a boy (with a purse) from behind.


I like my short hair and am not likely to grow it out, but still… it would be nice to be a little more girly from behind :-).