Wednesday Giveaway goes to Barbara Hurst!

Everyone knows white chalk is the go-to marking tool. General makes my favorite white chalk pencil. Our winner is getting a set of two pencils and a sharpener – what a bargain! The pencil makes a line that you can see and it brushes off well. It sharpens to a nice point but please note that you don’t really need a sharp point on your chalk pencils.

You can see more information about these pencils and check out all our marking tools by clicking HERE.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

Tiny Wool Animals

I made kangaroos! It was so easy, and they’re soooo cute! Here’s a video, so you can see all the steps, and feel confident to make a tiny animal (or two or three) yourself.

Steve teaches at Austin College where the mascot is the ‘Roo!

These little animal hand sewing kits come with everything you need, including a needle and 6-strand floss. Floss works, but I substituted Ellana wool thread by Wonderfil because it melted into the wool and my stitches looked better. You can also use Perle Cotton if you want to add details in places.

Each kit has the materials to make one animal but you can use the pattern to make lots of animals. Use card stock (EPP paper would work) and Laminate to make templates of the pattern shapes and you will be good to go.

Judy made a puppy for Bear who looks just like Bear’s dog.

And then she made two more pink puppies for Bear and his friend. She used a variety of Hand Dyed Wool scraps for the puppies and Sequins for a collar. Good idea, Judy!

Our friend Keri made Ellie the Octopus. She replaced the eyes with her own bobbles.

You can personalize these animals to truly make them your own.

We have a special Dinosaur Deal that has the Brontosaurus, so don’t miss that for your little paleontologist. Includes the Brontosaurus Animal Kit, the Dinosaur Land Puzzle, and the Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes. You can still get them separately as well.

You can make cute couples —lions or cats or foxes! Charlotte & Felix, below, sweet!

We have so many different adorable animals, you are sure to find the perfect one(s) for yourself, and a friend! You can make gifts, or give the kit itself. You can give the gift of time to a child in your life who wants to sew with you. Click here to shop all the Animal Hand-Sewing Kits.

Oh for the Love of Bats!

Glow in the dark puzzles? Of course! And what if we put them together with a blacklight? That’s what my grandson Bear’s friends asked, and so they did. This eeBoo puzzle features bats, so many species! And the kids are big fans. Aria, Torin, & Edward have a swimming pool, and each night bats visit and eat mosquitos.

Bats bring a sense of mystery, maybe a little spooky, definitely cool. The kids love learning about different kinds, and what special powers they might have in nature. And we do all love Halloween (which is coming right up).

You can just feel their brains working, can’t you? Edward is 5, Bear is 9, Torin is 10, and Aria is 13. They are all fully engaged in cooperative play.

Puzzles increase fine motor skills and problem solving. AND they are not looking at a screen :-).

eeBoo puzzles are sustainably sourced, with high quality, glossy, sturdy pieces, and minimal puzzle dust.

The blacklight worked great for building, but lights-off was a dramatic spectacle you can see to the right.

There was a lot of going back and forth, enjoying the whole process.

All hands in for the last piece!

Done! And then lights on and off… and on and off…

A glowy, fun night was had by all!

I have two 100-piece Puzzles right now, and they are both educational, beautiful, and glow in the dark: Love of Bats and Bioluminescent (mostly sea creatures). You can click here to see all the puzzles for young and older. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the bats.

Wednesday Giveaway – Rest for Nancy Lewis!

Rest for her iron, that is! This week’s winner, Nancy Lewis, will receive Sew Hot Iron Rest, made of silicone in a minty fresh shade of pale green that allows you to place your hot iron flat on the surface, eliminating the need to stand your iron up on its end.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

Buy this nice needle while I have it…

Back in Stock! The Mary Arden size 12 applique needles are fine and sharp. For a small needle, the eye is kind of big which makes them easier to thread for many people. On top of all that, they are only $2.75 for a pack of 10 needles—a bargain!

We have had a hard time getting them in stock but Lorna found more. I don’t know if or when more will come in. If you are interested, get yours now :-).