Show and tell…

Sidney Slaughter found Beauty in Covid-19 2020…

Sidney, I love your quilt! It is happy and exuberant—two things we all need to try to be, now and always. Thank you for sharing it with us! If you would like to make your own Searching for Beauty quilt, click here to find the FREE pattern.

Wednesday Giveaway

Barbara Kellard is this week’s lucky winner and she will receive Joen Wolfrom’s Essential Color Wheel. It is both lovely and handy… and it is perfect companion to my book, The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color and to my DVD, Color Theory for Quilters.

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Show and tell…

Jackie Fisher sent pictures of her completed bullseye quilt, that she finished in September 2019. She took my Bullseye class last year at the Lighthouse Quilt Guild in Grand Haven, MI. 

Jackie says: “I love this quilt and the entire process! This morning I hung it in the window by my grand piano so everyone walking or riding by could enjoy it, too!  I too an amazing picture of it from the back side (facing the inside of my house) that looks like stained glass.

Isn’t that lovely!!!

Jackie is ready to quilt her SECOND 20” Bullseye that she is making for a Guild challenge that has been postponed “from May to, well, who really knows. I’ll send a pic of that when it’s finished.”

We can’t wait to see it! Thank you for sharing :-).

Show and tell…

Amy Lumley sent me photos of her recently completed Searching for Beauty quilt. I love the fabric choices, especially the border fabric that goes so perfectly with her blocks. Here’s what Amy wrote:

Please look closely at the label on the back. I’m still working during the day but every night I looked forward to working on this wall hanging. You do beautiful work. Thank you for offering this to us. 

That’s George, Amy’s cat, on the quilt back. She says that “he is always in my photos as he thinks ever quilt I own (which is a lot) is his”. I have a cat like that too

Show and tell…

Lynn Savage has finished her COVID-19 themed quilt that features Block 1 from Searching for Beauty. I love it!!!! The little versions of the virus and the mix of bigger and smaller black and white prints make the bigger blocks stand out.

Well done, Lynn, and thank you for sharing your happy quilt :-).

Wednesday Giveaway

Angela Short is this week’s lucky winner and she will receive a package of Long Fine Pins from Little House. They really are long, and very fine but not so bendy that they are hard to use. I use them for some machine piecing and occasionally for applique—especially with wool applique where a long pin is useful.

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Show and tell…

Joyce Kettering emailed this photo of her quilt, Encounters on a Mountain Walk, that she started in 1997. The blocks are from our BOM, A Walk in the Mountains.

Joyce wrote:

It did take me 21 yrs to get it completed, meanly because I did not like the border that you all had for it.  It took many yrs, to decide what I did  want. A friend  helped me to design this border. It is entirely hand appliqued and hand quilted. I enjoyed  working on it most of the time! I am soooo glad that I did it!

I do love the border that Joyce came up with. It is truly special! Thank you, Joyce, for sharing it with us all.