Scenes from the 10-Acre Rock

My husband Steve, the field biologist, knows stuff. And one of the things he knows is how to find the 10-acre rock. It is a 10 acre outcropping of granite in southern Oklahoma, near Tishomingo. There are smaller outcroppings in the area (like the 6-acre rock) that are no longer accessible.

This is not a park, and you can’t exactly find it on a map. Many of the locals don’t even know it’s there… but some do because they obviously party on the rock.

There used to be a quarry here, but it is long gone. The granite is pink, white, and black—very pretty and unusual. There is granite from this spot in the Oklahoma state capital building.

Mother Nature is just full of surprises :-). Here is an close and personal view of a mossy crack in the rock.