More from St. Maarten…

My selfies are getting better. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.


We went on a snorkel tour on boat with Octopus Diving. The fish were pretty, the water was warm, and the Dramamine kept me from getting motion sickness. All good.


We snorkeled out by that rocky island. IMG_8055

When I wasn’t snorkeling, I was visiting with Captain Kyle who is 27, has lived all over the world, and who can put all he owns in a small duffle bag. His life sounds really interesting, probably because it is so different from my own life. Just thinking about how to live that way and still quilt was enough to make my head hurt.


Shadow selfie…


I’ll sign off with these two beach photos. St. Maarten was wonderful, and the vacation shared with friends made it even better!


I took this with the iPhone Camera+ app which is a very cool app. I used the in-app editing tool that is a whole lot like Lightroom. I’m visiting St Maarten and I thought I’d have my big camera out and about with me but it’s not working out that way. My iPhone is turning into my camera on this trip and it’s working pretty well.

Kahekili Beach, Maui…

We sat on the beach today. We read—I’m reading The Martian and it is a terrific beach read! We swam and/or snorkeled. We sat and looked at the waves and the people. It was a really nice day!


I’m working on this week’s Photo Challenge which is to take a photo that tells a story. Here are some of the one’s I have accumulated… What do you see?


beckygoldsmith-Story-173 beckygoldsmith-Story-132

Haleakala, and more…

We finally found Nene, the Hawaiian goose! In fact, we came upon a gaggle of them! They waddled into the road, and then off the road. I’m not an avid birder but I was happy to see these birds.


We hiked on Haleakala. Not all of the way across the crater, but down the Sliding Sands trail for a few miles and then back up. Let me just say that down is way, way better then up. It would be great to hike uphill first and get that part over with, but it just doesn’t work that way.


With every step down, I dreaded the steps back up. My legs were fine, it’s the altitude. At 59, I feel it more than I did 10 years ago. My lungs and heart worked hard. But I did make it back to 10,000-ish feet, as did we all. Amanda and Keith smiled more.


But Steve was very happy too!

untitled-77  We did see several silver swords. They only grow here, and are relatives of sunflowers.


After the hike, we went to Paia for gelato. It was terrific and we earned it.


And the we went to Wailuku to Mele Ukulele where Amanda bought a ukulele! I play the radio, Amanda plays a viola, drums, and now a ukulele. And she sings. In a band! I hum along, and have playlists for the rental cars :-). Needless to say, I am impressed by her abilities.


Tomorrow we are going to loll on the beach. Not LOL, we are going to sit and read and take pictures, and snorkel/swim and just chill. Oh happy, happy day!