Show and tell… Bullseye!

Birgitt wrote to say:

Now my Bull’s Eyes Quilt is done and I love it! I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and therefore called it “Hommage to Kaffe Fassett”. It was a lot of fun to sew it and using your instructions, so easy. Thank you for all the good advice.

Birgitt Von Dewitz

I do love the way the white lets the light shine through the shapes. It is spectacular! Here is a back view:

Thank you, Birgitt, for sharing your lovely quilt and congratulations on the finish! Click here to go to the Bullseye book.

Show and tell… Bullseye!

Marie Johansen post this comment on my blog. The first photo shows her Bullseye quilt top which is amazing!

Hello! I finished my Bullseye and it one of my favorites in 40 years of making quilts! I want to make another! Is there a mathematical formula that I could use to make it even larger than 60”? I am math challenged, but would love an even larger Bullseye! Thank you for this wonderful pattern!

Bullseye made by Maria Johansen

The answer to the math question is yes… I’m pretty sure that you can enlarge all the foundation paper piecing shapes, and the corner template, by the same percentage and they should fit together.

Marie also sent a photo of her finished quilt on the bed, photobombed by her cat, Tizzy :-).

Bullseye made by Maria Johansen

Thank you, Marie, for sharing your quilt with us! You did a marvelous job and I look forward to hearing how the enlargement works out.

If you would like to make your own Bullseye quilt. click here to find the book.