Sweet Sixteen and those handy clamps…

In August of 2010 I shared with you the system I learned from Caryl Bryer Fallert that takes the weight of the quilt off of you and the table as you machine quilt. I would not willingly machine quilt without my clamps!

I get requests for a link back to that post often enough that I've finally added a section on the right with the header 'Pages Often Asked For'. You can see my first post showing the system with my Bernina. Read that post first for more details.

I'm pretty sure I showed the same system set up for my Sweet Sixteen but darned if I can find that post! (If any of you find, please let me know. Better yet, send me the URL.) So I am reposting the photos today.


Because the Sweet Sixteen is oriented front to back (rather than side to side like a home machine) you need a clamp on each side, 8"-12" back from the needle. 

This is what it looks like from the front:

SweetSixteen-02 copy

When I am not quilting anything big enough to require use of the clamps I pull the cord so that the clamps are near the ceiling. I coil the cord and clamp it in place.


When I want the clamps I release the clamp mechanism, drop the cord, pinch the toggle, and move the clamp down to a useful level.

PS – I must start using tags to make finding things easier. Today. I'll start today.