It’s been colorized!

My favorite cartoon of all time showed up in today’s funnies in color. This from the strip, Non Sequiter, by Wiley Miller. It is the perfect quilters’ comic. I happen to love Muriel’s block.


When I googled ‘Wiley Miller’ I realized that there are two that come up at the top of a google search. The other Wiley Miller appears to be a very adventurous downhill skier. I wonder how often the two men get each other’s messages?

I know that there are other ‘Becky Goldsmiths’ out there because I often have trouble finding a new name for myself when some new social media platform opens up. There are other Piece O’ Cakes as well. This must be true for all of us—it’s rare to have a completely unique name. But isn’t it great that we are each our own, unique person.