When babies happen…

If you subscribe to the Piece O’ Cake newsletter, you know that I just sent one on Thursday with fabric and book news. Lorna was busy filling orders yesterday, Friday, when she got ‘the call’.

I’ve written before that Lorna is becoming a doula. Well, her first client called to say that her water had broken. Cutting fabric and filling orders stopped and will just have to wait until Sunday, when she’ll pick up where she left off…

ReadyToCut-2_1 copy

Lorna has an order-filling system. I am not going to go in there and mess with her system.

This being her first experience as a doula, we got to sort out for the first time what happens with Elanor, Jack, and Bear when Lorna has to pick up and go. Jack ended up with me and Steve. Judy, Lorna’s mom, stayed overnight with Elanor and Bear. Christopher was with my mom who had minor back surgery on Thursday*.

There’s been no word yet on the status of the baby and mother so I suspect that it’s not all the way over yet. I hope Lorna loves this experience as much as she thought she would. She would be someone I would want with me during childbirth if I were doing it again (which I am not!). I also recognize that this is not something I would ever want to do, nor would I be good at it, except in an emergency.

UPDATE: The baby was born Saturday evening after a flurry of activity at the end. Baby, mother—and Lorna—are all just fine :-).

*In other news, my mom had a kyphoplasty on Thursday. It’s outpatient back surgery. I was nervous because mom’s reaction to anesthetic has not been good in the past but this time she woke up pretty clear-headed. Oh happy, happy day!

But, even though she did seem OK, we all agreed that someone should be with her for about 48 hours to be sure that she was steady on her feet. You’d think that I would be the best choice to stay with mom, but we all agreed that Chris would be the better choice. Followed by Lorna, and then Judy.

Mom and I love each other, but I am less patient with her than I ought to be. It’s that whole mother/daughter thing that needs no more explanation. 48 hours of trying to be patient with each other might kill us both :-). I popped in and out. Today she is on her own and I think she’s kind of happy that things are back to normal. Also, her back is better!