Show and tell….

Suzanne Nelson just sent me this story and the photos of her quilt. I’m going to share it as she wrote it:

It is with incredible relief that I share this quilt with you! I spotted your Thistle pattern about 20 years ago and began collecting a range of golds and purples. And kept collecting. And intending to make it. And well, one thing got in the way of actually starting, and then another. But mind you, I kept collecting fabrics.

Enter the pandemic. When I look for the silver lining in this extended period of stress, one of the things that pops up is this quilt! I finally sat down and with great mindfulness and enjoyment began stitching. It was so soothing to do a hand sewing project. It was so comforting to have a project to focus on every day. And so gratifying to finally finish a project that has been patiently simmering on the back burner for 20 years. Making this quilt was so satisfying and the best tonic for these unsettled tones. Thank you for the part you played in helping me make my way through these past months. 
Be well.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing the story of your quilt and the pictures to go with it. I love it all, especially the thoughtful positioning of the brighter green leaves around the outer edges. Well done! I hope you are already working on your next hand sewing project :-).

Thistles can be found in the Flower Favorites eBook or in the Flowering Favorites print-on-demand version.