I love the US Postal Service!

And I love the commemorative stamps that the Postal Service offers. I have bought them for years. I have a stash of untouched sheets of my favs because I appreciate the care that went into making each tiny work of art. My latest favs are the Sesame Street stamps. They make every envelope happy.

If you’ve never bought commemorative stamps (reallly? you never have?!) here’s a thing you might not know. The whole sheet is peel and stick. The image on the right can be cut out, peeled off, and stuck to something—like the Blackwing Clutch Notebook that I’ll begin using next week. It is so cute!!!

On a more serious note, the Postal Service does more than provide fun stamps. I rely on the post office to deliver packages and mail. If you order from me at pieceocake.com, your package will be delivered by the post office.

If I could get the attention of anyone in power, I would ask them to please stop messing with the Post Office! I would ask them to please support the PO with whatever funds are necessary. With so many other things to worry about, I really don’t want to add the Post Office to the list.