Wednesday Giveaway

Sue Singer is this week’s lucky winner of the COB LED Light shown below. Congrats to Sue!

As I said in my newsletter, Anna Rice, from Tampa, sent me an email last week about the two ‘wonderful life saving LED lights’ that she and her husband used to light their way after Irma knocked out the power. Here’s a bit of Anna’s email:

“These lights were so valuable to us in times of no electricity — lit the kitchen well enough for me to prepare a full meal using Sterno can placed in colander with skewers laid across to hold cooking pots. What fun???? Anyway those lights are fabulous.  I had previously placed one under my computer desk so I could see what I was trying to do regarding computer things like plugging in flash drives. LOVE YOUR SITE and will shop as often as I can.”


Click here to find this battery-operated COB LED Light Switch and others that are bigger.

And click here to learn more about the COB LED light source. It’s kind of interesting!

Wednesday Giveaway

Congrats to Lizabeth Fullam who won this week’s giveaway— a Sugarbooger Sandwich Box with a leash* of foxes.


You can carry all sorts of quilt-y notions in a sandwich box — or you can carry a sandwich :-). I have several different sandwich and bento box styles at Click here to find them all.

sandwich box with notions

*According to wikipedia, a group of foxes is referred to as a skulk, leash, or earth. Who knew?!

Wednesday Giveaway


Lynn Jarzombeck won the drawing this week. Judging from your comments, all of you want to make Welcome To The North Pole and you still can. The book is very affordable at $16.95 and you can find it here.

PS: Did you know that this book has been in print for 20 years? I am honored to know that so many quilters have loved this pattern, and made their own North Pole Christmas quilts!

Wednesday Giveaway


Congrats to Nettie Crain, this week’s giveaway winner of a set of Karen K. Buckley’s perfect tools: Circles, Ovals, and Stems. The Circles and Ovals are templates made of templar that you can trace against or use with an iron. The Perfect Stems are used to make bias stems with tubes of bias fabric and an iron.