Show and tell…

I love seeing quilts made from our patterns. It is so very nice to see how quilters make the designs their own. This lovely quilt was made by Laurie LaFountain from our Whimsical Quilt Garden pattern.


Laurie shared the following about her quilt:

I thought I would share a picture of my quilt that I recently entered in my local quilt guild’s show. I had never put a quilt in a show before, but my 9 year old grandson urged me to enter this. I admit I had to rush the quilting portion to get it finished in time, and the judge fairly noted that I omitted quilting the sashing and my binding could have been neater. But I won the only ribbon awarded by the National Quilters Assoc., I was awarded a blue ribbon by the judge, I won the vendors choice ribbon and the viewers choice ribbon. I was shocked and thrilled. I will treasure this quilt and the ribbons forever. And my grandson will inherit the quilt.

Laurie, you made a wonderful quilt and I’m so happy that you entered it in the show! Your grandson sounds like a very smart young man :-). May you have many more happy stitches!

Trapper, not keeper…

I have 2 cats and love them 95% of the time. Steve tolerates the same 2 cats. Needless to say we are not in the market for any more cats. There has been a small black cat hanging around for a while and we found out a couple of weeks ago that she had had 4 kittens, under our neighbor’s shed. This neighbor is rarely home as really does not like animals.


Another neighbor and I tried to coax out the mama and kittens with food, water, and a lot of ‘here kitty kitty’s’. We got close, but not close enough to catch any of them. Luckily I am married to a field biologist with access to live mammal traps.

The first evening we caught 3 kittens—1 per trap. Overnight I caught another kitten—and a possum. The possum was not part of the plan. Steve had to go to work so I was in charge of releasing the possum and setting up the trap again, in hopes of catching the mama cat.

I should have taken a picture of ‘my’ possum, but I was too focused on letting it go without incident. My possum was not this cute—this one looks friendly!


My possum looked a little more like this, less friendly. He was a little more scarred on his face as if he was a fighter. I wore gloves.


Luckily, possums are nocturnal and he was not moving all that fast. I had to sort of shake him out of the cage. We were both relieved when that was over.

The kittens hung out for the day in the traps/cages where I gave them frequent attention. I set up the larger trap and, in a few hours, caught the mama cat (again, no picture—what was I thinking?).


This morning we took them to the animal shelter. They are really cute and I hope they get adopted, but no matter what, the world doesn’t exactly need more feral house cats. I know that sounds harsh, but being homeless is not good for the cats, or for the birds and other animals that they snack on.


Surely these guys will find a home. If you are local, maybe you need a kitten! Click here for the Sherman Animal Shelter info.

More show and tell…

Maureen Widder sent me this. Too cute! Maureen reports that the quilts that she made for her daughters were fun to sew. I would have to agree :-).

Maureen Widder's Completely Dotty quilt.

Maureen Widder’s Completely Dotty quilt.

The foundation paper pieced blocks are from our Completely Dotty pattern.

Show and tell…

Jan Hirth finished her Honey Beez quilt. Isn’t it happy! I love this pattern… it is simple and complex at the same time. And while I’m not going to make a 2nd one, I think it would be great fun enlarged (maybe a lot) and made into a bed quilt!

Thank you, Jan, for sharing the finished photos!


Jan Hirth’s HoneyBeez quilt.

Did you notice the large red circle in the top outer ring? That’s a nice touch, Jan.


Jan Hirth’s HoneyBeez quilt, detail.


Applique and posture…

I usually hand applique for 2 to 2 1/2 hours each night in my chair with my feet up and my light in the correct spot (over my left shoulder because I am right-handed). For the last few weeks I’ve added a few hours of applique in the afternoon and I’ve noticed that my neck is sore. Darn it! I know it’s because I’m holding my (heavy) head in the wrong place instead of keeping it centered over my body. I also know that I’ve gotten posture-lazy in the last year.


It is really easy to ignore your posture, letting your head drop and shoulders round forward—gravity is working against us. There are, however, easy exercises that we can do to combat this problem. I know because I googled ‘neck and shoulder exercises’ and found this video.

As I watched the video, I was reminded that this is exactly what my physical therapist recommended when I was first diagnosed with bone density issues. Doing this for 40 seconds, 6 times a day, is not that hard!

However, the warning at the front of the video is true—only do these if your body is up for it. If you are unsure, consult your physician. FYI: I’m not necessarily a fan of chiropractic bending and popping, so please don’t consider this an endorsement of that.

PS: If you are like me, you thought it was funny when he said “if you have trouble finding a corner…”. How hard could that be? And then I had trouble finding a corner in my own house :-).

All I can say is ‘Wow!’…

Mr. Boyce wrote that he took off about 5 weeks off from his regular job and set out in his truck with no particular destination in mind—but with the intention to produce timelapse sequences. This entire timelapse sequence, titled Edge of Stability, was recorded between May and June of 2015.

Isn’t it wonderful to be consumed by a creative venture! To learn as much as you can, to experiment, to work hard to fulfill your vision—whether you use a camera or fabric.

Applique in Historic Williamsburg…

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.27.18 AM

I hope you can join me February 29-March 5, 2016, at the Academy of Applique in Williamsburg, VA. Registration for classes will open at noon today—click here for registration instructions.

I am just one of a dandy roster of teachers. Between us, we are teaching a variety of applique classes. Click here to open the interactive class schedule.

I hope to see you there!