Friday (tomorrow) join me to hear about my new Welcome to the North Pole online class…

I will be visiting with Sophie Scardaci (or Jessica Vaughn if Sophie’s internet is still questionable) live tomorrow, Friday, March 18, on YouTube and Facebook about my new Welcome to the North Pole class!

We’ll start at 12PM PDT, 2PM CDT, 3PM EDT.

The book has been in print since 1997 (amazing, right?!). If you have the book but have not made the quilt because the blocks look a little scary, this class is for you! I walk you through all of the needle turn hand applique techniques you need to know to make this quilt.

There isn’t an ebook for Welcome to the North Pole so please be aware that you need to acquire the book separately from the class. There is a free digital table runner pattern included in the class that you can practice techniques on if you prefer.

PS: We had to cancel the previously scheduled event because of a bad internet connection.

Too Many Stockings?

Years ago, Chris and Lorna lost the Christmas stockings I had made for Lorna, Elanor, and Jack—and the one my mom had made for Chris when he was a baby. They were very sad. I was very sad, but what are you going to do?

If you are me, you begin again! I made new personalized whimsical stockings for each of them, and they are in Quilt a New Christmas eBook (the pattern is quick and easy). Everyone was happy!

But then, 4 years later, they found the original stockings!!! So now they have two stockings for everyone (except Bear who was born after the great stocking loss). Last year, Lorna decided to give her mom her original stocking that I appliquéd. Lorna planned to stitch her name on it, but she didn’t sew fast enough.

Judy loves her stocking and decided this week to take matters into her own hands. She stitched “Ganny” (what the grandkids call her) in green 5mm sequins, added white sequins for “snow”, and gave the birds eyes!

And while the sequins were out, Judy and Lorna added more embellishments to the stocking they made for their friend last year. Re-purposed scissor charms represent Tasha’s actual cat and dog —so cute!

Stockings (and stuffing them!) are a big tradition for our whole family. If you have an extra stocking, think about passing it on. Or make new ones to share with those people in your life that you treasure. Sharing the love will make you smile—a lot.