The best tomato sauce, ever…

I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living magazine and every now and then there is a recipe in an issue that turns out to be amazing and, by that, I mean both very tasty and not hard to make. The MSL Roasted Cherry-Tomato Sauce has become my new favorite thing to eat!


I didn’t actually make it, Steve did. He’s probably going to be tinkering with the recipe a bit because that’s what he does but it was wonderful as written. It’s not exactly a ‘tomato sauce’, it’s more of a juicy-roasted-squishy tomato topper that is good on many things… pasta, bread, salad, etc.

We’re going to try making it with larger tomatoes because my tomato plant will (I hope) produce lots of big tomatoes :-). I suspect Steve will cut them into wedges, but maybe not. At any rate, if you are looking for something quick and tasty for dinner, try this!

UPDATE: We tried it with bigger tomatoes last night and it was just OK. Lots more juice and less intense flavor. Next year I’ll plant cherry tomatoes.