Show and tell…

Susan sent me photos of her lovely Backyard Birds quilt. Isn’t it lovely! Way to go, Susan.

She said:

I have sewn for years but as I work full time I have never had the opportunity to develop my patchwork skills beyond a simple sampler quilt. I am undergoing medical treatment since July and I am using my time off work and getting treatment to patchwork, learning new techniques and work on creating some wonderful quilts.


I quilted the blocks separately. I attended a quilt group at Coles Sewing Centre,  Nottingham England, and my lovely teacher Gilli Theokritoff helped me through the tricky bits!! I had never done free motion quilting before and Gilli pointed me in the direction of youtube and watching Leah Day. I started off just drawing, then practising on practice blocks and can say after a lot of effort I now have a work of art on my wall. When I read Linda’s intro in the booklet and the comment re getting through  cold winter and difficult times I really wanted to agree I cant wait for the spring when all the treatment is over and the song birds return.


I like this choice of background fabric. I don’t know that I would have chosen it, but it’s very pretty. Susan also included a photo of her detailed documentation patch. I’m impressed!


Susan added:

I am getting on well with my treatment looking forward to the spring when I get back into work, with some wonderful skills learnt, new friends made and several quilts sewn.

And this…

Breast cancer, 1 in 10 women my age get it…Luckily I had a routine screening in May and something was picked up,
My advice to you all is if you have any concerns, LUMPS bumps whatever as soon as you can go to your doctor. If you get the opportunity to have screening Take it. I am so lucky routine screening found it, and it’s treatable. Don’t be frightened to say I am worried about this. Do something about it. With love, Susan

I agree with Susan on this point. I’m a big believer in treating your body like a used car—one that you want to drive forever. If something isn’t working, get it looked at.

Wool quilt auction…

If you get my newsletter, you already know that Linda is auctioning off many of the quilts that she made for our book, Wool Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way. She doesn’t have room for them—that’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? I’m writing this post for those of you who may have missed the news.

The flower basket, below is on auction. It’s one that didn’t make it into the book so you have not seen it before. It’s pretty! To see all of the quilts, and to find the instructions for bidding, you can click here or on the link in the menu bar. Happy bidding!


A color tutorial and a reminder…

I just sent a newsletter with two news items. If you aren’t on my newsletter list, here’s what you missed:

First, Linda’s current quilt auction ends tomorrow, Friday, May 22, at 12:00 noon, Pacific Time. Click here to go to the auction page.

The other item in the newsletter is a video. When I was at Quilt Market, I spent a lot of time talking to quilt shop owners about my new book, The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color. I used sets of fat quarters to illustrate one of the more important points in the book. It occurred to me that I should share this information with everyone, so here it is:

If the video isn’t showing up for you, click here.

I am hearing from people who have read the book, telling me that it really is helping them with color. In fact, here’s an excerpt from an email that came to me from Barbara B.:

Becky, I am so glad I was able to get your Color book at Market.  I read it cover to cover yesterday on my travels home from Minneapolis. It is full of great info, explained in a way that will make sense to quilters. I am excited to use it in upcoming classes.

The book is not the least bit intimidating and the concepts are easy to grasp.  The fact that the info is provided in bits, using the practical advice boxes and short paragraphs, is good…

I know that books are expensive and many of you have color books that you rarely open. This one really is different, even if I do say so myself. It is not a book on color theory, it is a book with practical advice on color. Plus, there are 10 quilt patterns included. Eight quilts are pieced, and 2 of these have some applique. There are two quilts that are primarily applique. None of the patterns are difficult and each one teaches something about color and design.

If you are interested and want to order The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color, click here.

The last auction and a perky elf…

I’m about to send a newsletter, but if you aren’t on that list, you won’t get the news! Firstly, Linda’s last quilt auction of 2014 is up and running. Click here or in the menu bar, above, to see the quilts. There is a link to email Linda to make a bid or ask questions.

VintageWTwist copy

Next up, those two cute elves are Christmas ornaments and there’s a FREE pattern for you!


I made 26 of these little guys to give as presents to family and friends. This is the first year in memory when I’ve finished my ornaments before December 15th and I have you all to thank for that. I had to finish them to be able to put together the FREE pattern that I promised to have ready ‘soon’. Deadlines are good for me :-).

Click here to find the Perky Elf Ornament pattern. Once there, click the picture and the pattern will open in your browser window. You can print the pattern or save it (it’s PDF file) to your computer.

Ho, ho, ho!

Linda’s Quilt Auction

Linda is moving from Grand Junction to Buckeye, AZ, in the next few months to a brand new, slightly smaller house. She needs to downsize her collection of quilts—her loss of space is your quilting gain!

This auction featured 4 different quilts, in a variety of styles. All quilts are in excellent condition. Linda has posted a starting bid for each quilt. The auction has ended, but there is likely to be another :-).

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Happy bidding!