Vintage-Inspired Needle Caddies

On April 14’s Time Out I showed how to make these way-cute needle caddies…

Click here to find the pattern with the templates.

Suzanne Rettler emailed yesterday with photos and a story. I am impressed!

I really loved your needle keeper video.  Thanks for sharing that pattern.   Are you interested in what people do with it?  I knew I didn’t want to attempt the scalloped one, so I made the pointy one and it works great.

But that scalloped one was just so darn cute, looking like a heart when closed, and a flower when open.  I tried one- not so good.  Then I tried putting it in my embroidery machine- much better, but the opening where I turned it was still an embarrassment.  So I added a tab at the top, and left that open for turning.  (A straight line!  Yay).  But I made the tab too narrow, and couldn’t turn it right side out. Duh.

I’ve seen versions of this style of needle caddy with a tab and it does work. You can use velcro or a snap to make it stay closed.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your sewing adventure! I love seeing what you all make and I know others do as well :-).