Meet Lucy…

This is Lucy, who celebrated her 88th birthday on August 18 in my class at The Quilt Crossing in Boise. How cool is that!


The class worked on Pick-Up Sticks from The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color, learning how to make this improv block the easy way. Everyone had a great time, especially Lucy!

Some of Lucy’s Piece O’ Cake applique quilts were hanging in the classroom and it was so much fun to have them there. This is her version of Spectacular Spring from Applique Delights (still available as a downloadable ebook).


And this is Lucy’s version of Thru Grandmother’s Window, our first block of the month. The patterns are available as downloadable ePatterns.


Lucy and I agreed that it’s good to have a goal and we both want to be quilting into our 100s. That’s an excellent goal, don’t you think?!

Kauai Road, continued…

Kauai Road

Working with only a rough sketch and no pattern shapes is very different for me. In my applique life, I have drawn patterns that many of you have sewn. The pieces are specific, and numbered. You trace around the templates to make a shape that fits the pattern.

I have also worked in the manner of Ruth McDowell, where I started with a photo and generated a pattern on freezer paper. In this kind of quilt, you may hunt for the right fabric for a shape, but you have a pattern for that shape.


As I work on Kauai Road, I’m thinking about so many things at once: What color do I need? What fabric do I have? What size or shape should each piece be? And on and on…A person can only make so many decisions before her brain has had enough. Even though this is fun, it’s a challenge. So why am I working this way?

I want to construct Kauai Road more in the manner of Edrica Huws. I have mentioned her work before, on this blog post. There’s not much documentation on her sewing methods, but in looking at her work I surmised that she was not strictly bound by a drawing, and that she cut shapes more or less intuitively, by hand, with scissors.


I am learning new things as I work this way, and it’s invigorating!

The Hexie Garden Quilt will be here soon!

I get to finally show you one of the quilts I’ve been working on, the Hexie Garden Quilt!


Hexie Garden Quilt finished quilt size: 61 1/2″ x 69 3/4″

The pattern pack has these 9 blocks that are graphic, fun, and full of movement! Each 16 1/2” x 19 1/4” finished size block has 6 wedges. The individual flowers are appliqued onto a block, trimmed into a wedge shape, and sewn together. The sewing takes a lot less time than you would imagine… these really are fast blocks.

The blocks are also lovely when used by themselves. I made another, smaller quilt that is included as a bonus in the pattern pack. My quilt, Tequila Sunrise, is improvisationally pieced, but there are measurements included for those of you who prefer that.


The pattern pack will be available in mid-July. Click here to pre-order your very own Hexie Garden Quilt pattern pack!

The Chattahoochee Evening Stars…

I spent two lovely days with the Chattahoochee Evening Stars quilt guild. They are as lively as their name suggests! At the lecture last night, these ladies from my class showed the progress they had made on the class block from the day before…


The whole class did excellent work and had a good time. I love seeing quilters smile :-).

Show and tell…

Look what came in my email, from Sylvia Phillips:

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She wrote:

I am 80 yrs old and I have been appliqueing for 60 yrs..It is my first love…my daughter and I took your class when you came to Hershey, PA several yrs ago..I am working on some of the blocks from your book “Aunt Millie’s Garden”..I am enclosing photos …thanks again….

Sylvia, you do lovely work and I’m happy that you are enjoying sewing Aunt Millie’s Garden. Happy stitching!

This is what happens in my Independent Study class…

I spent 5 wonderful days with 23 wonderful women at Empty Spools. Some knew each other before they got to class, but everyone was a friend by the time the class was over. If you ever get a chance to come to an Empty Spools seminar, I’m pretty sure you’d love it!

We all headed home last Wednesday; I got home late Thursday. I meant to upload these photos then, but this was a very busy Easter weekend. (I hope your weekend was as nice as mine was.) Enjoy the slideshow!

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