Yazz-ify Your Christmas…

This is the Large Mini Organizer (which is “larger” than the other Mini Organizer).

Yazzii bags and pouches are well-made, totally functional, and perfect for everyone! They come in several colors and lots of sizes. Click here to find all of the Yazzii’s that I carry. Many of them include a video to give you a closer look.

This is the Petite Mini Organizer.

Many Yazzii organizers come with small sewn-in zippered pouches. You can leave them attached or, if you are like me, you will use your seam ripper and liberate the pouches from the organizer :-). There’s a video at the bottom of this post that shows you how.

Set of 3 Craft Pouches

You can buy extra pouches in a variety of sizes. I love the pouches because they are so versatile!

The Maxi Yazzii is BIG!

The Maxi Yazzii holds so much—and it comes with a set of extra pouches in addition to the pouch ‘pages’ that are sewn in. The 2 shoulder straps make it easy to take with you and the size is dandy for carrying projects.

Take a minute and think of all the things that can be carried in a Yazzii…

  • Sewing notions and projects, of course
  • Pills and medicines
  • Jewelry
  • Hand tools… think jewelry, wood carving, etc.
  • Do you have a model train enthusiast in your life? I’ll bet they could use a handy way to carry little doodads
  • My grandkids love these for small toys
  • LEGOS!
  • Male or female, young or old… we all can use Yazzii’s 🙂

Click here to find all of the Yazzii’s that I carry. Most of them include a video (like the one below) to give you a closer look.

Removing the sew-in pouches is so easy!

Tidy up with a waxed canvas bin!

I love my waxed canvas bin because it is both functional and beautiful. It exhibits a simple design that is easy to use without any waste. And did I mention that it’s beautiful?

Shop here for Waxed Canvas Bins. Shop at pieceocake.com for more sewing notions. Happy stitching!