Yazz-ify Your Christmas…

This is the Large Mini Organizer (which is “larger” than the other Mini Organizer).

Yazzii bags and pouches are well-made, totally functional, and perfect for everyone! They come in several colors and lots of sizes. Click here to find all of the Yazzii’s that I carry. Many of them include a video to give you a closer look.

This is the Petite Mini Organizer.

Many Yazzii organizers come with small sewn-in zippered pouches. You can leave them attached or, if you are like me, you will use your seam ripper and liberate the pouches from the organizer :-). There’s a video at the bottom of this post that shows you how.

Set of 3 Craft Pouches

You can buy extra pouches in a variety of sizes. I love the pouches because they are so versatile!

The Maxi Yazzii is BIG!

The Maxi Yazzii holds so much—and it comes with a set of extra pouches in addition to the pouch ‘pages’ that are sewn in. The 2 shoulder straps make it easy to take with you and the size is dandy for carrying projects.

Take a minute and think of all the things that can be carried in a Yazzii…

  • Sewing notions and projects, of course
  • Pills and medicines
  • Jewelry
  • Hand tools… think jewelry, wood carving, etc.
  • Do you have a model train enthusiast in your life? I’ll bet they could use a handy way to carry little doodads
  • My grandkids love these for small toys
  • LEGOS!
  • Male or female, young or old… we all can use Yazzii’s 🙂

Click here to find all of the Yazzii’s that I carry. Most of them include a video (like the one below) to give you a closer look.

Removing the sew-in pouches is so easy!

Yazzii XL Petite Organizer…

This organizer is divided in the center with zippered pouches on one side and an open area on the other side. That open side is perfect for holding a Handcrafted Sewing Box! And—yay!—Jacquie just delivered a new shipment of Sewing Boxes to us.

Shop here for a wooden Handcrafted Sewing Box, available only at Piece O’ Cake.

Shop here for the Yazzii XL Petite Organizer.

Where to put your thread?

I have kept my spools of thread in Sterlite drawer units for years, but no more. I finally realized that the Yazzii Ultimate Thread Organizer is for more than just carrying your thread from place to place. They are the perfect way to store your thread!

You can order one from me here online. If I am out of the color you want, please do email Lorna because we will order more and she will let you know when they come in.

What is Yazzii?

If you get my newsletter, you know what a Yazzii is. If you don’t get my newsletter, a Yazzii is a kind of organizer that is perfect for quilters. Here’s a video showing the Petite Mini Organizer.

Click here if you don’t see the video.

If you are interested in a petite organizer, click here. If I’ve sold out of the color you want, email me. I don’t know when my supplier will have more in stock but I’ll start a list and let you know when they come in.

And (you heard it here first!) after I sent the newsletter, I got requests for the Large Mini Organizer that is about 4″ wider than the petite organizer. You’ll find the large mini organizers on the same page. If I run out, I’ll order more.

And, it gets even better! You can personalize your Yazzii with a wool applique block! Susan Buntz was kind enough to share this photo of her very own Yazzii organizer. Isn’t it cute!


I leave town tomorrow to visit the Quilt Crossing quilt shop and the Boise Basin Quilters in Boise, ID. If you are in the area, I look forward to seeing you!